Boom Studios’ Omega Rangers To Join Hasbro’s Famous Power Rangers Lightning Collection In 2023

The Omega Rangers are joining Hasbro’s prestigious Lightning Collection, the pantheon of action figures and collectibles dedicated to the Power Rangers. For years Boom Studios has been releasing comics based on characters and plot points from the iconic three-season run of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These comics have taken those elements and created brand new…

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Daughter Interview: Elyse Dinh Explains The Thriller’s Exploration Of Motherhood, Religion & Vietnamese Culture 

Daughter is one of the latest thrillers to dive into the dark side of a culture. In our interview with star Elyse Dinh, she explains the movie’s exploration of motherhood, religion, and Vietnamese culture. Directed and written by Corey Deshon, Daughter is available digitally and on demand now. The film will be released on DVD…

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