KingOhger Reveals 2 New Shugods Plus Leaked Previews

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has revealed two upcoming Shugods as part of the Deluxe toy line.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has revealed two upcoming Shugods as part of the Deluxe toy line. These include the Snail and Pillbug, which will form new weapons for the main Robo of the 47th Super Sentai series. They will join the God Kabuto as supporting Auxiliary Shugods that add to the arsenal of the King-Ohja Robo, which is formed of 10 Shugods for the combination. Fans have also found leaked images of the Scorpion and Grasshopper Shugods that can create a 13-combo formation with God Kabuto.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the 47th Super Sentai series featuring 5 royal Rangers and their insect guardian deities, the Shugods. The mechanical lifeforms include the 5 partners of the new Ranger team, which were awakened when connected. The DX King-Ohja Robo was recently released in Japan, with many fans already obtaining the release. A set was also released for the God Kabuto and can become a cannon for the main Robo, with a single release for the DX toy coming soon. 

KingOhger DX Snail Gatling and Rolling Hammer Revealed 

The latest Shugods released for the toy line include the Snail and Pillbug Shugods, which form weapons for the King-Ohja Robo. They can form a Gatling gun and wreaking ball for the main mecha of KingOhger, respectfully. These Shugods will not be part of the additional formations previously leaked for the series but will be weapon-class releases along with the Centipede and Cicada Shugods coming soon. The debut of the God ‘Katatsumuri’ and God ‘Dangomushi’ in the live-action series has yet to be revealed. 


These Shugods are fantastic additions to the line and add a lot of variety for fans of the new 47th Sentai team. The details on these toys are fantastic and have a great pose-ability for such small additions. It will be amazing to see if they have any hidden configurations and if they will be used by other Robo coming to the series soon. Considering the Pillbug Shugod requires both hands, most of these weapon-class additions might be utilized separately compared to others. Especially since the Horned Beetle, Scorpion, and Grasshopper will be part of a bigger formation.  

KingOhger leaks for God Scorpion and God Batta 

Fans have recently discovered images relating to the upcoming debut of the Scorpion and Grasshopper Shugods coming to the series soon. These will form a claw and body armor, respectively, for the King-Ohja Robo. The images reveal the gold-dominant decorations on the Shugods, along with the 13-combo Gattai that allows the God Kabuto to combine at the same time as these two new additions. Partial and unclear teasers of the Shugods can be seen thanks to a fan leak on social media. 

The upgraded King-ohja image leaked thanks to @YokaiRiderVT, who was able to find the first preview of the 13-combo configuration of the King-ohja with the three new Shugods. The gold seems to be the main detail of the three new additions, which showcases their significance to their debut of the series. These are likely a different type compared to the Weapon-class Shugods that include the Snail and Pillbug. It will be amazing to finally see the Scorpion and Grasshopper Shugods, especially since the gold decorations on the DX God Kabuto looked spectacular and fantastically detailed.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has premiered the first episode of the 47th Super Sentai series and will air a new episode every Sunday in Japan. The new Sentai will be part of the ‘Super Hero Time’ segment for TV-Asahi. 

The DX King-Ohja Robo has now been released, with the single release of the DX God Kabuto to be released on March 25. A set including both is currently available. The DX Snail Gatling and DX Rolling Hammer sets release dates have yet to be revealed, with more announcements to follow soon. 


What do you think of the DX Snail Gatling and DX Rolling Hammer? Did you order the DX King-Ohja Robo with God Kabuto? What do you think of the upcoming Scorpion and Grasshopper Shugods and the new formation? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news and updates in the future!


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