KingOhger: 47th Sentai Series Cast Revealed With Magnificent Attire, Plus Full Feature Trailer


Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has revealed the full cast for the 47th Sentai Series, with amazing outfits and unexpected features. The actors for the Rangers were revealed during the Press Conference that occurred in Japan, which also revealed the identities of each Ranger. Each member has incredible outfits for their role as the insect Ranger team rules their respective countries, with their specializations. The supporting cast was also revealed for the new Super Sentai series and the full trailer featuring the cast.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is the first Super Sentai series to use a Royal theme, an insect theme, and a combination of the two for a team of Rangers. The Press conference for Super Sentai shows is used to debut the cast for the Rangers in each series, which features the actors as their characters for the first time with the first full trailer. Details regarding the Rangers and their countries have previously been revealed, but specific details weren’t revealed until now. The Rangers and their background included the following.  


  • Kuwaga Ohger (red) is a self-proclaimed king from Shugodam and is described as brimming with a fighting spirit. Shugodam is the strongest nation where a guardian deity resides. 
  • Tonbo Ohger (blue) is extremely smart and competitive monarch from N’Konpa, the land of technology. 
  • Kamikiri Ohger (Yellow) is known as a Selfish Queen but will face danger to protect others. From Ishavarna, a country renowned for the arts and medical care. 
  • Papillion Ohger (Purple), who is normally calm minded but unforgiving to evil. From Gokkan, a land of ice and snow. 
  • Hachi Ohger‘s (black). A nobleman described as a cheerful lord with an unpredictable fighting style. From Tohfu, a country known for its agriculture. 

KingOhger Cast and their Royal Epicness 

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  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger

The team for KingOhger has been fully revealed with incredible royal attire and personal effects that relate to their land and characteristics. The Press Conference also revealed that the purple butterfly Ranger, Papillion Ohger, is a female cast member alongside Kamikiri Ohger, but is described as a ‘he’. Each Ranger has a unique look matching the specialization of their country, which includes royal attire, a modern outfit, a royal dress, a solute-based kimono, and even a ninja-themed outfit. Here are the full names of the cast for the main team and their amazing royal look. 

  • Gira, the Red Ranger, Kuwaga Ohger is played by Taisei Sakai. A man who grow up in a orphanage in a castle town. A self-proclaimed king who is kind-hearted that thinks about everyone. Plays the villain when playing a hero game with kids, with a habit of saying “I rule the World!”.
  • Yanma Gust, the Blue Ranger, Tonbo Ohger is played by Aito Watanabe. Born in a slum of his country, who is often referred as the ‘General’ and described as having a “Yankee” spirit of ‘taking the top’.
  • Queen Himeno Ran, the Yellow Ranger, Kamikiri Ohger is played by Aika Murakami. She is a penchant for beautiful things and will get them by any means necessary. She is described as a beautiful and beautiful transcendental selffish queen, but does not hesitate to save someone. She also has a side as a doctor who is skilled at saving lives.
  • Kaguraghi Dybowski, the Black Ranger, Hachi Ohger is played by Hajime Yoshihisa. The King of Gokkan and the chief justice of the court that protects the neautrality of the world. He renders fair and accurate judgements based on the law and although compassionate, he has a bad mouth that makes them look cold.
  • Rita Kaniska, the Purple Ranger, Papillion Ohger is played by Yuzuki Hirakawa. The lord of Tofu is described as a man with a double tongue and a triple tongue who lies while smiling. He is very selfish and doesn’t mind doing dirty things to keep the peace. Known as a black-hearted lord of peace supremacy.


The look of each Ranger is beyond expectation and fits the overall vibe that each country was mentioned to have according to their specializations. Each Ranger completely stands out and shows a greater height in design and concept from the creators compared to previous teams. The Papillion Ohger was expected to be a male, but fans were thrown by the reveal of a female ninja for the team member, but they are still identified as a ‘he’.

Clarity has yet to be made regarding whether this is for a specific reason or inclusive of modern politics regarding gender. Each member has such fantastic individuality that shows so much potential for a story in every upcoming episode. It will be a thrill to finally see them in action for the first time. 

Supporting Cast Members and Villains Revealed 

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  • KingOhger
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  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger

Recurring characters have also been revealed for the 47th Sentai series, with companions for the Royal Rangers. Two villains have also been revealed from the Earth Empire, Bugnarak, who will be the leader of the antagonists fighting against the Rangers. The characters include royal house members and the civilians that live in specific regions. These two villains revealed include the royal leader and Prime Minister of Bagnarak, who will be reoccurring characters leading the evil empire. The following cast and characters will feature in the new Super Sentai series, which will premiere next month. 

  • King Lacles Hastie, the true King of the Strongest Country, Shugoddam, played by Masato Yano. Shugoddam is also revealed to be an industrial country. Lacles succeeded his father, Corsus Hastie, as King. He became the king of a country with great power called Shugoddam, and is the world’s most powerful person who brings together the five kingdoms with unparalleled leadership. He is also highly trusted by the public.
  • Douga, close associate of Lacles, played by Yutaka Morioka. 
  • Bosimard, another close associate of Lacles, played by Shigefumi Fukuzawa. 
  • Shiokara, Aide to Yanma, the king of N’Konpa, played by Yuhei Chiwata. 
  • Sebastian, Aide to Himeno, the queen of Ishabana, played by Hiroto Yoshimitsu. 
  • Morfonia, Aide to Rita, King of Gokkan, played by Kasumi Hasegawa. 

People of Shugoddam and People of N’Konpa 

  • Kogane, one of the people of Shugoddam, played by Anna Hoshino 
  • Boone, child of Shugoddam, played by Gen Kiso. 
  • Akka, one of the people of N’Konpa, played by Minami Hokuto 
  • Usuba, one of the people of N’Konpa, played by Kaito Okano 
  • Mayata, , one of the people of N’Konpa, played by Hayakawa Nagisa 

Bugnarak Leaders and Henchman Revealed

  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger
  • KingOhger
  • Naraku King Desnarak VIII, leader of the Bugnarak, voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura. He seeks to rewrite the balance of power between humans and Bhagnarak by finding hidden treasures. The leader of an organization that can be called an underground kingdom.
  • Kamejim, Prime Minister of Bugnarak, voiced by Shinichiro Miki. He researches insect-type machine lifeforms and strengthens the Bugnarak by giving members the power of an insect. Bugnarak becomes a monster when strengthed by Kamejim and can even activate the ability to grow even larger.
  • The Henchmen for KingOhger have been revealed to be Bugnarak Soildiers known as Sanagim.


There are so many additional characters featured in the series, which is fitting considering the multi-locational nature of the story. The fact that there is a true King suggests the Red Ranger for the series could have stolen the powers from the ruler of the country, adding an extra layer to the story. The styles of the supporting characters are a perfect complement to the Rangers they serve, and it will be amazing to see their roles throughout the series.

The series promises to be very fleshed out and there are likely many storytelling opportunities before a 6th Ranger appears. It will be fantastic if there are additional Rangers to follow out of this selection of characters, but this remains to be seen. 

Official Trailer Unleashed with Featured Cast 

The latest trailer was released following the cast reveal from the Press conference, with an extended version released on social media after reaching over 30,000 followers. The trailer shows all characters in the upcoming series, with sneak peeks at all locations and features of the 47th Sentai series. The trailer shows a greater look at the Rangers, along with previews of unseen elements such as the main Robo cockpit. Here is the full trailer of Ohsama Sentai KingOhger released on social media, which a fan has subbed in English.  


The locations show how much development has gone into the Super Sentai franchise since the greater use of greenscreens in Zenkaiger and Donbrothers. Seeing each Ranger prepare for the transformation sequence and their epic appearance is sure to send any fan wild with anticipation for the premiere episode. It will be one of the most desired releases for fans outside of Japan, who cannot officially watch the new Super Sentai series.

There are many promising details to this new series that will be fantastic to see for the first time, including the odd apparatus-based cockpit seen operated by Kuwaga Ohger. A theme preview was also shared during the press conference exclusive to Japan but was shared on Twitter by a fan. The theme for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger is called Zenryoku-King and is sung by Takayuki Furukawa.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will premiere on Sunday, March 5, 2023, via TV-Asahi exclusively in Japan. The 47th Sentai series will debut a new episode every week, with the first wave of toys released starting from March 4.  

What do you think of the cast of KingOhger? Are you filled with hype for the premiere episode? Which character would you love to cosplay from the 47th Sentai series? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news, we’re always watching.



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