2 KingOhger Extra Rangers Leaked Along With More Incredible Insect Shugods

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger's additional Rangers have been leaked on social media for the upcoming Series and of course, we need to talk about them.
KingOhger Leaks

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger‘s additional Rangers have been leaked on social media for the upcoming Series, which has yet to premiere. This includes a Silver and White Ranger to debut for the Royal-themed Rangers with insect motifs. Details of these Rangers were revealed by a toy leaker along with more axillary Shugods for the main Robo to combine with. The two new Rangers also suggest a story relating to characters in the series, with the white Ranger matching previous rumors for the 6th Ranger.  

The cast for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger has recently been revealed during the Press Conference held in Japan. The 47th Super Sentai series included various additional characters, along with the majestic 5 Rangers and their unique attire. The trailer featuring the cast was also released following the event, teasing the unique story for the Sentai team using an insect and Royal theme for the first time in the franchise’s history. The first wave of releases has already revealed features such as the main transformation item, the Ohger Calibur, the 10-combination Robo, King-Ohja, and the first axillary Shugold, God Kabuto, with more releases to follow.  

KingOhger Leaks reveal 2 new Rangers & New Shugods 

KingOhger Cast revealed during Press Conference Event

The two revealed Rangers include a White Spider Ranger and a Silver Kuwaga Ohger as upcoming additions for future additions. The Silver Kuwaga Ohger was revealed as a plush toy, which was shared
online by a fan. The details of the White Ranger were revealed by Dukemon via Rangerboard as the additional Ranger, which may be the official 6th Ranger of the series. Following the Kabuto Beetle, the leaked Scorpion & Grasshopper shugods will also be followed by a cicada and a Japanese centipede. Here are the details for the upcoming additions coming later in the year for KingOhger

White Spider Ranger & Silver Kuwaga Ranger 

The White Ranger was previously rumored after the confusion with the colors cleared up, which originally stated the 6th Ranger to be purple. The leaker has now confirmed the new Ranger to have the main color of white, but the Ranger suit is described as having black and white lines with golden Armor. The overall design of the Ranger will be like the other 6 but will have gold chest armor and a cape that is compared to a waistcoat. The Silver Kuwagata Ranger has minor details revealed but has been described as a Bangai Warrior. OKuwaga Ohger will be an extra hero similar to Deka Master and Magi Mother, which are also story-based additions.  

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Both Rangers will be released in the Action Hero line, but only the White Ranger has been revealed to have a vinyl figure released. The transformation device for Silver has yet to be revealed, but the White Ranger has been revealed to be a purple dagger with a spider on it, with a key gimmick. The Ranger will include a “shaking action” gimmick and will also have a purple gun that can only use one key, with the keys activating features including summoning the Shugod and activating special attacks. The Ranger will also have poison-based attacks, which may suggest the type of spider used for the motif. 

The White Ranger is a fantastic addition to the series as there hasn’t been a white additional Ranger since Gekiranger. Fans are already expecting the Silver version of Kuwaga Ohger to be the true King of Shugoddam, King Lacles Hastie. This might be related to why the self-proclaimed King, Gira, is the Red Ranger since the Ohger Calibur likely gifted power from a Shugod.


Lacles is seen with his own Ohger Caliber so either it is stolen or his Ranger form is caused by the lack of blessing from God Kuwaga. The White Ranger sounds like an exciting addition to a spider Ranger, plus many unique features including the shake gimmick and bug spray. It will be exciting to see this Ranger and find out if this will be a new character or pre-existing cast member, along with his arsenal of weapons and partner Robo.  

New Robo, Shugods, and Combination Details 


The Spider Shugod has also been revealed to have a Robo form and is different from the two God Kumos, with comparisons to Gundam Unit Tallgeese and a 4-legged mech featured in Code Geass. The new Robo will also be able to combine with the 13-combination King-Ohja, which will see the 10 Shugods combine with the God Kabuto and the two axillary Shugods to follow. The head for the 13-combo has yet to be confirmed as different from the head on the main Robo, but the 14-combo has been confirmed as radically different.  

Two new Shugods have also been revealed as upcoming releases in the series, with each forming a distinct weapon when combined with a Robo. This includes a chainsaw formed by the Centipede and double blades formed by the Cicada. These later additions are expected to be released near the debut of the additional Rangers and after the debut of the 13 Shugod combinations. The names of these Shugods are currently expected to be God Mukade and God Semi. 

The White Ranger’s Robo will be a fascinating addition and it will be incredible to see both forms. Considering the use of poison attacks for the Ranger’s arsenal, it is likely that the Spider motif might be a tarantula or even a Black widow. The Centipede and Cicade Shugods will be a fantastic addition to the selection, especially since the centipede is the perfect design for a chainsaw. The insect theme also allows a great range of new creators to be used, which have never been seen in Super Sentai before. It will be interesting to see when these Shugods will be released and if they will be combined or affiliated with the new white Ranger coming soon.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will premiere on March 5, 2023, exclusively in Japan via TV-Asahi. Only the first wave of toys have been revealed for the 47th series, including the later single release of the God Kabuto and Vinyl Ranger figures. For all upcoming releases, keep following for all announcements and reveals as the Sentai series progresses. 


What do you think of the Additional Rangers? Are you excited about the upcoming Shugods? Which of these leaked releases are you hoping to see first from KingOhger? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news, we’re always watching. 

Source: Rangerboard 

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