Vital Bracelet Digivice V Encourages Fitness with a Digimon Experience

The Digimon Vital Bracelet Digivice V is a fan's dream come true, which also encourages you to be active.
Digimon Vital Bracelet Digivice V

The Digimon Vital Bracelet Digivice V is a fan’s dream come true, which also encourages you to be active. The New Digivice version was released as the featured item of the Digimon Ghost Game and includes updated features. With the Vital Hero release in the US and the new Vital Bracelet BE coming as the next generation, now is the perfect time to review the Digivice that was released alongside the Gammamon DIM card. Here is an in-depth look at the fitness device for Digimon fans.

The Vital Bracelet series was first released in March 2021 and featured a wearable virtual pet that tracked movement and pulse. The release featured a brand new Digimon that acted as the mascot for the device known as Pulsemon. The vital bracelet was designed to encourage exercise by allowing a user to affect the evolution of their Digimon through trophies earned from exercise along with battles. NFC interaction was also added to the device allowing a user to start a battle through the method used for contactless payments. The DIM card system also allowed a user to change their Digimon partner, along with various evolutions, encounters, and a location background included. 

The success of the Vital Bracelet saw over 200,000 units sold as of August 1st, 2021, and led to a special version produced for Digimon Ghost Game. The show used the device as the Digivice of the series and released the new VB with the Gammamon DIM card. The Vital Bracelet app was also released that allowing NFC-enabled smartphones to transfer Digimon from the device to the phone, enabling new features. The Vital Hero released by Bandai was announced in 2022 by fans in the US, which is the English version of the device. Now, the Vital Bracelet BE will be released as the next generation of the device and will include many anime franchises instead of just Digimon. 

Vital Bracelet Digivice V encourages Digimon Adventures 

The Vital Bracelet Digivice V is a Digimon fan’s latest blessing for those who love the franchise and the monsters within it. Some various functions and features are included in the device that all relate to the experience offered by the new generation of Digivice. This in-depth review will include the initial opening of the product, the features of the device, the Digimon available, the Vital Bracelet Lab app, and the final analysis of the Digivice V. 

Opening The Digivice V 

The Digivice V is beautifully packaged with Gammamon present on the box, but only available in Japanese since Digimon Ghost Game has yet to release as an English Dub. The VB Digivice V comes with the Device, the Gamammon DIM card, a VS memory card, and a cable for charging. Even though this VB device is in Japanese, the Digivice is easy to set up and get started. The Vital Bracelet is also smaller compared to previous Digivices, such as the US D-Tector and D-Ark.

Personally love how compact the Vital bracelet is and honestly, it was like opening a treasure box. The setup is very straightforward and having the English manual found online simply helped navigate the menu in full detail. English is used throughout the device except for the information of the Digimon, which made it easier to use. The Digivice setup only requires charging the bracelet and setting the date and time, before inserting the Gammamon DIM card for the first time.

The instructions do recommend 4 hours of charging through a USB port of a computer as direct charging through the mains may overload it. However, I do carefully charge it via the USB in a power tower and haven’t witnessed any overheating.  

There is a cover for the power input but only a packaging cover for the DIM card slot. Logically it makes sense to have both with a cover, which I think it should have just in case of possible water damage. Keeping a temporary cover until the use of a DIM card is the best practice to help ensure protection from anything damaging the inside. The buttons on the side are enough to navigate the menu where various options can be found. Hatching Curimon for the first time was personally thrilling but some features aren’t usable until the Rookie Stage is present. 

Functions of the Digivice 

The primary purpose of the Vital Bracelet is to train Digimon with physical activity, but there are a lot of influences included for Digivolution. These include vital points, a steps counter, and missions that award trophies. In addition to the Digimon profile and status, you can also change the settings of the Vital Bracelet, access missions, store a Digimon, and link your VB to the Lab app. In the setting, you may also change the background color, which is limited to 3 colors, and the environment background from the active DIM card.  

Aside from the general information of Digimon, you can see everything you have earned from your activities with the active partner. The hidden timer is the main feature that leads to Digivolution but the route in which a Digimon Digivolves after the in-training stage depends on vital points, trophies, the number of battles, and the Win: Lose Ratio. You can also put the Digimon to sleep to stop the loss of Vital points from removing your VB, which was first introduced with the Digivice V Vital Bracelet. Here is the outline in which these variables come into play. 

  • Vital Points represent a bond with a Digimon and are increased by heartbeat monitoring over a time period and awarded for victory in battles. They can also be lost from defeat or lack of Heartbeat tracking when VB isn’t worn while the Digimon is awake. 
  • Digimon Battles can occur when a VB responds to an NFC, such as a contactless payment through a vending machine. These Digimon foes are randomly selected from the featured monsters of the active DIM card. 
  • Missions include a randomly selected goal for 1 trophy, 4 exercises for a max of 2 trophies, and hard missions that can be obtained via the Lab app. Certain numbers are needed to evolve into specific Digimon. You can also use the advanced mission for Digimon encounters to occur after the step amount is met in each level.  

The technology to enable these functions is a cross between old and new. This is due to the step counter being similar to the method used in past Digivice releases, which made inaccuracy possible just by shaking. It would be more appropriate to call them movement points as you could just move your arm and it will increase the step counter. Generally, I love how all these elements affect Digivolution but it’s certainly different from the use seen in Digimon Ghost Game.  

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