Bandai Announce New Digimon Card Game Gameplay Changes

New changes for the Digimon Card Game are now in effect as announced by Bandai, including a mulligan at the start of a game.
Digimon TCG

New changes for the Digimon Card Game are now in effect as announced by Bandai, including a mulligan at the start of a game. This is one of the changes announced regarding the Digimon card game, which is now in effect as of April 1st. The new flow of the game has also been defined to reduce confusion regarding the priority of effects that various Digimon cards have, allowing players to understand when conditional benefits can be resolved. Here are the full details regarding the latest update that players should be aware of. 

Digimon Card Game has been a popular release for the Digital Monster franchise since its release in Japan, followed by an English release for various countries including USA and UK. Various new structure decks and boosters have been released as part of the Digimon Card Game, adding new strategies and iconic characters as featured additions. This includes the recently released Dimensional Phase [BT11] Booster and Beelzemon [ST14] Advance Deck, with more releases coming soon for the year. Competitions and tournaments are currently running offline and online for fans to participate in, with Digimon Con 2023 recently holding a Japan VS USA and Japan VS China card battle as a feature for the event. 

Digimon Card Game Amending Gameplay

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Digimon Card Game will experience a change in the gameplay as a new flow for starting a game and battling comes into effect. This includes the introduction of a mulligan, which will allow players to reshuffle and draw again before the start of the game. This will only be allowed once and is an optional choice to allow players to draw a new starting hand if needed. The game flow has also been confirmed to give players a distinct order in which card effects are played out during battle.  

Digimon TCG

These new flows for the beginning of a game and during battle are now in effect and will be in effect for all tournaments and competitions. The biggest difference this will make to the game is the mulligan will reduce the likelihood of starting the game without a Rookie Digimon. This is sometimes crucial for many decks that rely on starting with a Digivolution to a level 3 card. The listed sequence of effects during the battle phase is a great explanation for players that may get confused regarding the order as some may believe blocking can negate the effects of specific cards. 


There have been a lot of new cards recently released that will change the structure of decks and strategies of players. However, these new gameplay details will help remove some of the misinterpretations that can sometimes occur. Many new features are coming to the English version of the game since the Japanese version has recently revealed the Ace card line found in the latest new starter decks. It will be interesting to know how the balance will shift when these are introduced but the latest changes will cause a significant change to the current state of the game.  

The Digimon Card Game is available in Japanese and English, with the ACROSS TIME [BT-12] booster releasing for the English version on April 28, 2023. A detailed manual with the updated game flows and introduced mulligan will be uploaded at a later date. 

Digimon Card Game

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