KingOhger Premium Bandai Reveal Awesome DX OhgerCalibur Zero


The DX OhgerCalibur Zero has been revealed as an upcoming release from the Premium Bandai line-up. The KingOhger Changer belongs to OhKuwagata Ohger, the Extra Ranger that wields the incredible Gold Sword coming soon to the Role-play line.

Digimon Con 2023 Makes Prodigious Return in February

Digimon Con 2023

Digimon Con 2023 is nearly here as the event for celebrating the Digimon franchise is set to begin next month. This celebration will be available to fans worldwide as the event will be live-streamed for all to participate. The Digimon convention will host various content including panels, tournaments, live performances, and highlighting upcoming products and […]

The Lost Bandai America Legacy Power Rangers Zeo Super Zeo Gems

2018 was a crazy year for the Power Rangers franchise, it was the 25th anniversary of the brand, there was a drastic new logo for the first time since the change from MMPR to Zeo, and toy giant Hasbro bought everything, ending the multiple-decade agreement with toy company Bandai America to make merchandise for the […]

Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo Revealed for Team


Images have revealed the Donbrothers Super Gattai Robo that combines the main 5 Robotaro with the two Robotaro forms belonging to Don Doragokuu. This new combination will combine the Don Onitaijin with the Toradora Gonjin in order to create this new formation. The new formation was revealed on social media but originated from a Japanese magazine that highlights the debut of the Megazord, which will be seen in future episodes. Here is a full look at the Super Gattai Robo for Donbrothers.