KingOhger Toy Leaks Reveals Super Mode & Confirms Castle Suspicions

KingOhger toy leaks have confirmed releases regarding the Power Up mode and suspicions regarding the Castle in Shugoddam.

KingOhger toy leaks have confirmed releases regarding the Power Up mode and suspicions regarding the Castle in Shugoddam.

The 47th Super Sentai featured an amazing industrial-themed castle that is home to the ruler, King Racules Hastie, but the design has fans questioning if there is more to the building. The Power Up mode has also been linked to a new gold mode for the Red Ranger of the series, which will include a new weapon, ShuGod, and teases a huge combination with other ShuGods.

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger currently consists of 5 Rangers and the extra Ranger, Ohkuwagata Ohger, who was recently revealed to be King Racules Hastie. As the Silver Stag Ranger, OhKuwagata Ohger rivals the Red Kuwagata Ohger, who Gira became when he took the Ohger Calibur from the corrupt King. Episode 7 of the latest Sentai series has already teased the upcoming fight but an additional White Ranger has been rumored to be an upcoming newcomer, with unique weapons and a new Spider ShuGod.  

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The Power Up modes have been a significant addition to many Super Sentai series, including Zenkaiger’s Super Zenkaizer and Donbrothers’ GolDon Momotaro. These modes often are dramatically more powerful and often include new Weapons and even new Robo as part of the package. Although most Sentai series give Power Up modes to the leading Ranger, there have been instances when an additional Ranger or the whole team have been able to access greater power, with a new form or adding special armor.  

KingOhger Toy Leaks Power Up and Castle Transformation 

The latest releases from KingOhger will be included in the 3rd Quarter of releases, which were revealed by RangerBoard’s Dukemon on social media. This includes a confirmation that the Castle in Shugoddam will be able to transform into a Tank or Robo mode. The Caucasus Kabuto Castle will be linked with the new Power Up mode for Kuwagata Ohger and the new weapon is expected to be a spear, which includes a crown inserted for the weapon’s hilt. The Power Up mode for Kuwagata Ohger will also be released as part of the Action Hero and Vinyl figure lines, which will give him gold armor and an additional shoulder capelet.  

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Kingohger’s Caucasus Kabuto Castle will also include a new Golden Kabuto Guardian Weapon, which will become an axe for the new Robo formed by the castle. The new revealed addition for the ShuGod line has also revealed a powerful new combination, which will link an incredible amount of ShuGods for an ultimate combination. This includes all 10 ShuGods used to form King-Ohger, the three golden Greater ShuGods, the upcoming White Spider ShuGod, all 4 Weapon Shugods, and the Caucasus Kabuto Castle with Guardian Weapon, which creates a 20-ShuGod combination. 

Many fans expected the Castle seen in Shugoddam due to its appearance, but it is fantastic that we now have a confirmation of the power-up mode linked to it. The Spear will be a fantastic debut as the weapon is a perfect choice for the insect it represents, plus the crown for activating the transformation speaks volumes regarding the significance of Kuwagata Ohger gaining the power up. This could be linked to being recognized as a true King for the future, but the details have yet to be confirmed.

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The Tank mode for the Causasus Kabuto Castle was an unexpected addition to the modes for the epic ShuGod and it appears that it will be accompanied by a weapon-class ShuGod, slightly similar to Ressha Sentai ToQger’s Hyper Ressha. Incredibly, we will get an even bigger combination that will include every single ShuGod in the line, except for God Kuwaga Zero. The debut of seeing how all 20 ShuGods create a massive Robo will be amazing, but fans still have the White Additional Ranger, his Spider Shugod, and two more Weapon-class ShuGods to look forward to first.  

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will air Episode 8 featuring OhKuwagata Ohger and his fight against Kuwagata Ohger, which will premiere in Japan on April 23, 2023. The Additional Ranger has been expected to be a White Ranger, who is estimated to appear after Episode 15, but details have yet to be confirmed. 

What do you think of the 3rd Quarter leaks for KingOhger? Are you excited to see the Caucasus Kabuto Castle transform? When do you think the Power Up mode will debut? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.  

Source: RangerBoard 

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