Monster Energy Sponsors Call of Duty League 2023/2024

Monster Energy is sponsoring Call of Duty League 2023 and 2024
Monster Energy Call of Duty League

Monster Energy is set to sponsor the Call of Duty League for the 2023 and 2024 seasons, providing energy and focus for the top twelve teams in the world as they compete for the coveted championship titles. The action-packed tournament will begin this weekend in Ohio, where the teams will battle it out for the penultimate Major of the season. The Championship Weekend, which will take place in Las Vegas in June, is set to be the highlight of the season, where the teams will compete for the ultimate prize.

Monster Energy Answers the Call of Duty

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Monster Energy, the Official Energy Drink of the Call of Duty League, has promised to keep the teams fueled and focused throughout the season. In addition, the company will present exclusive content for the hundreds of thousands of fans expected to tune in. This will include the “Monster Matchup,” which will feature the day’s most exciting face-off, “Monster Energy Pre-Game,” an expert segment breaking down the keys to success, and “Monster Energy Winner Spotlight,” which will feature interviews with the winners of each match.

“We are psyched to get behind the Call of Duty League this season and beyond. These are the best in the world competing — and we want to keep them at the top of their game!”

Kyle Maurer, Monster Energy VP of Digital Marketing and Gaming
Call of Duty League

Monster Energy has a long-standing passion and support for the Call of Duty esports scene, going back almost a decade to their first partnerships with Team EnVy and Evil Geniuses. In 2021, Monster announced its sponsorship of Call of Duty World Champion Tyler “TeePee” Polchow. The company has seen numerous champions raise trophies wearing the Monster Energy claw, and many players have grown into streamers and broadcast talent as they continue to be successful, doing what they love.

“The Call of Duty League is known for its electrifying energy, and Monster Energy is the ideal partner to bring that hype to the next level. Beginning with Major IV this week and continuing through the 2024 season, the CDL and Monster Energy will up the ante when it comes to keeping the League fueled.” 

Jack Harari, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Activision Blizzard
Call of Duty League Sponsored by Monster Energy

Monster Energy’s sponsorship of the Call of Duty League for the 2023 and 2024 seasons is a testament to the company’s commitment to the esports scene. The partnership promises to keep the top twelve teams fueled and focused throughout the season and provides exclusive content for the hundreds of thousands of fans expected to tune in. With Monster Energy’s support, the Call of Duty League is set to take the esports scene to the next level.

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Now that Monster Energy is the Official Energy Drink of the Call of Duty League, the company looks forward to fueling the next generation of champions and continuing to support world-class professional gamers. The Call of Duty League Major IV tournament begins this week on April 20-23, with matches starting at 10:30 a.m. PT each day. Fans can catch all the action on YouTube and Twitch.

Monster Energy

Can you think of a better sponsor than Monster Energy for Call of Duty League? What is your favorite Monster Player? What is your loadout in CoD? Let us know your favorite maps, weapons, tricks, and everything else Call of Duty, or gaming in general on social media!

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