No Hard Feelings New Poster is Pretty. Awkward.

Sony Pictures shares poster for their upcoming raunchy comedy, No Hard Feelings
No Hard Feelings

Jennifer Lawrence is back with a brand new movie, and this time, it’s a hilarious comedy that’s sure to make you laugh out loud. No Hard Feelings is set to hit theaters on June 23, 2023, and it’s already creating a buzz in the entertainment industry with its raunchy Red Band trailer. Sony Pictures also just released the film’s poster which can be seen down below.

No Hard Feelings Offical Red Band Trailer

The film follows the story of Maddie, played by Lawrence, who is on the brink of losing her childhood home. Desperate to find a way to save it, Maddie takes an unusual job offer from wealthy helicopter parents. Their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, is about to leave for college, and they want someone to “date” him before he goes.

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As Maddie begins to get to know Percy, she discovers that he’s not the sure thing that she thought he would be. The two of them navigate through awkward situations and unexpected feelings, making for a truly hilarious and heartwarming film.

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, the mastermind behind the hit comedy Good Boys, and co-written by John Phillips, the writer of Bad Teacher, No Hard Feelings promises to be an edgy and fun comedy that audiences won’t want to miss.

In addition to starring in the film, Jennifer Lawrence also serves as a producer alongside Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero, and Justine Ciarrocchi. The star-studded cast also includes Andrew Feldman, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, and Matthew Broderick.

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to the world of comedy, having starred in the hit films Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. With No Hard Feelings, she once again proves her comedic chops and ability to bring heart to any role.

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While the film is not yet rated by The Motion Picture Association, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser that will have audiences laughing from beginning to end. If the trailer is any indication, it is likely to get rated R based on the heavy sexual themes and the inclusion of drugs and alcohol.

As the release date approaches, fans of Lawrence and comedy alike are eagerly anticipating the arrival of No Hard Feelings. With its talented cast, hilarious premise, and talented crew, this film is sure to be a hit and a must-see for anyone looking for a good laugh.

No Hard Feelings is looking to be a must-watch movie that will leave you in stitches. Jennifer Lawrence looks to be leading with her comedic prowess which is highly underrated and evident in films like Don’t Look Up. With its edgy humor and a heartwarming storyline, this film is one to look out for. Mark your calendars for June 23, 2023, and get ready for a movie that’s sure to leave you with no hard feelings.

About No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings

Release Date: June 23, 2023, Exclusively in Theaters
Directed by: Gene Stupnitsky
Written by: Gene Stupnitsky & John Phillips
Produced by: Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero, Jennifer Lawrence, Justine Ciarrocchi
Executive Producers: John Phillips, Kerry Orent
Rating: This film is not yet rated by The Motion Picture Association
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Feldman, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Hasan Minhaj, and Matthew Broderick

Jennifer Lawrence produces and stars in No Hard Feelings, a laugh-out-loud, edgy comedy from director Gene Stupnitsky (Good Boys) and the co-writer of Bad Teacher

On the brink of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Lawrence) discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to “date” their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, before he leaves for college. To her surprise, Maddie soon discovers the awkward Percy is no sure thing.

How far would you go to keep your childhood home? Wasn’t everyone an awkward teenager? Do you have any embarrassing partying stories? Let us know what you think about the movie and its raunchy antics on social media!

Source: Sony Pictures

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