Check Out Hot Toys The Dark Knight’s Christian Bale in Comic-Accurate Blue and Grey Costume!

A new sixth-scale, limited edition, collectible Batman figure inspired by The Dark Knight.
Hot Toys Classic style Sixth Scale Batman The Dark Knight

Hot Toys has come up with a cool new exclusive, sixth-scale collectible version of Batman based on The Dark Knight, as portrayed by Oscar-winner Christian Bale. In celebration of Warner Bros.’ 100 years of storytelling, Hot Toys has created a new sixth-scale Batman collectible figure that’s faithful to his old-school comic book appearance.

Fans and collectors who have always wanted to see the Batsuit from the Christopher Nolan films with an alternate color scheme will now have their chance. This new conceptual variant of Bale’s Batman from The Dark Knight will be an exclusive figure only available in selected markets. You can get an early look at the upcoming collectible figure release below:

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The new highly-detailed figure features a Batman with a cowled head with interchangeable lower faces and a separate rolling eyeballs system. The figure is on a highly poseable body and portrays Batman in his full glory.

It also features Batsuit with metallic blue and matte grey colors, inspired by the classic blue and grey colors of the Batsuit in the comics. The figure is also packed with accessories, including a fabric cape, signature Bat-gadgets, an EMP rifle with a light-up function, a sticky bomb gun, a grapnel gun, Batarangs, and mini-mines. The figure also has a swarm of bats, a Bat-emblem inspired diorama, and a staged figure base for some more dramatic poses and setups.

Hot Toys 100 Years of Storytelling Batman
Courtesy of Hot Toys

Pricing information is not yet available on this upcoming release. However, it’s going to be a limited edition release on Pre-orders for the figure will open on June 9. Fans can also RSVP now to be notified of a chance to order the new figure now at the above link.

It looks like Hot Toys is also creating a new sixth-scale Wonder Woman collectible figure in celebration of the 100 years of storytelling anniversary for Warner Bros. This version is inspired by Gal Gadot’s performance as Princess Diana of Themiscyra, aka Wonder Woman, from the live-action film franchise, but with classic comic book colors.

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Due to the usual turnaround time for Hot Toys’ sixth-scale figure releases, if pre-orders for this figure start this month, one could predict that it won’t be shipping until sometime next year. Hot Toys and Sideshow will likely provide full pricing, expected shipping periods, and more once the item is available to pre-order, so we’ll be on the lookout.

Christian Bale’s performance as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy was incredibly memorable and iconic. So it’s interesting and fun to see a variant that features the classic Batsuit colors but uses the more modern cinematic Batsuit from Nolan’s trilogy.

Hot Toys 100 Years of Storytelling Batman - 2
Courtesy of Hot Toys and Sideshow.

The way this new Hot Toys Batman figure incorporates elements from the character’s classic colors but uses them in the movie-inspired suit is interesting. Obviously, Batman never used this suit in the films, but it’s a fun concept nonetheless, and Hot Toys has created alternate concepts and variants for movie-inspired collectible figures before.

What do you think of the news of the new Hot Toys sixth-scale Batman figure? Would you pick up one of these special exclusive Hot Toys variants of Batman based on Christian Bale as the character in The Dark Knight? Let us know what you think about the news on The Illuminerdi’s social media!

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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