Meta VR Gaming Showcase Highlights: Top 10 New Releases

Gather around META gamers! Here are the top 10 upcoming releases featured in the Gaming Showcase for 2023.
Meta VR Game

Meta has revealed the latest VR gaming releases during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. VR Gamers have been delighted by the announced arrivals coming soon, following the release of the Quest 3 VR headset. The new games revealed were highlighted as the upcoming content coming to the platform, along with first-look previews of the gameplay featured. Many fantastic titles are coming soon and we have selected the best of the selection for the top 10 VR games you should get from the featured 2023 presentation. 

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Meta has revealed the Quest 3 VR headset and all the amazing new features, which will be released later this year. The latest VR headset is twice as powerful as the currently available Quest 2 and will include the features seen for the Quest Pro. With the new VR headset, a whole new lineup of VR gaming titles will be added to the library to take advantage of the next generation of VR, which will also include AR technology as a complete interactive package. The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase for 2023 was streamed on June 2 and includes previews for 15 new releases that can be added to a player’s Wishlist. 

Top 10 VR Games Coming to Meta Quest 

Many fantastic games are coming for VR Players to enjoy, with compatibility with Quest 2 and Quest Pro included when released via Meta’s VR platform. Although every game would offer a fantastic experience, we selected the best of the announced titles that instantly caught our attention during the presentation. The games that didn’t make the list but are worth adding to your Wishlist include Racket Club, NFL Pro Era, Arizona Sunshine 2, Samba de Amigo: Party Central, and Bulletstorm

10) Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR 

This is a highly anticipated release that fans are eagerly awaiting as the Assassin’s Creed franchise releases its first VR game. Ubisoft announce the project in 2021 and has still not revealed much about the gameplay and experience. As it’s hard to imagine how such a physically active game would work in VR, there are still a lot of questions regarding how the game will work compared to the past Assassin’s Creed games. It will be exciting to finally see the first look at the gameplay for such an incredible new game, but fans are still anxious to find out what experience it will offer. 

9) Underdogs 

A great new Mecha combat game with an underground aesthetic as you fight in a physics-based mech brawler. The latest game developed by One Hamsa allows players to also customize their Mech with over 100 items including chainsaw, wreaking balls, and more. The game also features the ability to hire hackers and saboteurs as you deal with gangsters and psychos to rise to the top. This new game features so much fantastic combat carnage in an intense dark world but will only be a single-player game when released.  

8) Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice 

A great VR that allows you to be a vampire hunting in the shadows of Venice, featuring a gritty main narrative for a single-player adventure RPG experience. The revealed release developed by Fast Travel Games offers players the chance to become a powerful apex predator and explore the dark corners of the city, including mystery, puzzles, and combat. This is a great title that offers a fantastic anti-hero experience as you level up with missions and optional objectives, including amazing fantasy abilities that will make you feel like a true master of the night.  

7) I Expect You To Die 3: Cog in the Machine 

The escape-room-themed game that turns any player into a secret agent has returned. The third installment of the popular game developed by Schell Games brings a new mission as players take on the role of Agent Phoenix for a range of new challenges that make you feel like you are in a spy movie. A trailer showcasing the new survival challenges as you face life-threatening traps and situations to defeat the crafty mastermind. This is a fantastic new game that fans will enjoy as the single-player experience has been loved by fans. 

6) Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire 

A high suspense upcoming release where you must kill sleeping vampires without waking them. This jumpscare game is also developed by Schell Games and will feature the player taking on the role of a vampire slayer who must be extremely quiet and disarm traps. Making a false move can cost your life but there is only one way to kill a Vampire, stick a stake through the hearts of the bloodthirsty beasts. The single-player game brings a ton of tension just while watching the action in the reveal trailer and will be a thrilling addition to the VR gaming platform.  

5) Attack On Titan VR: Unbreakable 

The highly anticipated VR game is based on the anime and manga that allows players to experience the adrenaline of being part of the Survey Corps. The VR hunting action game developed by UNIVRS Inc. was teased during the gaming showcase from Meta for the game coming this winter. The concept trailer shows the perspective of the player as pre-rendered animation, however, the true gameplay has yet to be revealed. The fast-paced Titan combat has always been a huge desire for fans as experiences were fan-made in VR Chat, but finally, VR Players will soon find out what a fully realized release will bring.  

4) Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord  

A new chapter in the Ghostbusters universe can finally be experienced in VR as players strap on their proton pack for combat against ghosts. The action-adventure game developed by nDreams teased the upcoming release with a trailer introducing viewers to the main villain who has been around since the university days of Egon, Ray, and Peter. Players will be working to capture ghosts and face a range of ghastly threats on their own, or even with up to three friends. This is a fantastic new release featuring the ghost capture arsenal and will allow VR players to dive into an incredible and engaging world with friends.  

3) Dungeons of Eternity 

The new Action-Adventure RPG VR game promises a fantasy adventure within a dungeon featuring a great mix of foes. The latest title developed by Othergate will allow players to explore randomly-generated dungeons, where players may find themselves fighting skeletons, golems, and even scorpions.

The game will feature physics-based combat, magic, and an endless array of weapons that are also randomly generated including swords, bows, and magic staffs. This is a great game for fans of Isekai anime and dungeon crawlers, which also allows up to 3 players to join in the adventure. There is so much added to this game, and it will be exciting to find out what build players choose as they upgrade and craft their play style.  

2) Stranger Things VR  

Fans of Stranger Things have been treated by a whole new experience as they see the Upside-down world from Vecna’s perspective. The game developed by Tender Claws allows fans of the hit Netflix series to return to the events featured in the story as Vecna explores the unknown reality and builds up his power.

Players will also be able to learn about Henry’s past, discover how Vecna forms the hive mind, and even fight against characters from the series including Eleven. This is a perfect extension of the events that fans have witnessed in the 4 seasons of the iconic drama and a great chance to experience being Vecna with his overwhelming telekinetic powers, especially before the final season is released.  

Z1) Asgard’s Wrath 2

Meta VR Game

The new sequel to Asgard’s Wrath was revealed in the first trailer of the VR game and promises to deliver a bigger adventure than before. The action RPG developed by Sanzaru Games allows players to become a god once more as they fight as mortal heroes, battle monsters, and adventure into the ancient myths of the Norse and Egyptians.

The game brings more brutal physics-based combat, god-scale gameplay, and many great heroes, and expands the RPG world with more content, and a massive world to explore freely. This is a fantastic upcoming game that also offers pre-order bonuses including exclusive in-game items and even a free download of the first game.  

This is just the first of many epic VR games released for Meta’s VR headset and some will even be available on other platforms such as SteamVR. The Meta Quest 3 will have many great features to allow all these titles to be experienced better than before and it will be exciting to see what else will follow. All these games are now available to be added to the Wishlist and will be compatible with Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Make sure to check out these VR titles coming soon as they will offer a fantastic gaming experience you won’t forget.  

The Meta Quest 3 will be released this Fall in 2023, with more information regarding the new VR headset coming soon. The next event from Meta will be the Meta Connect 2023, which will be held on September 27.

What do you think of our top 10 Upcoming releases for Meta VR? Which VR headset do you have? Is there a game in this list you are most excited about? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more gaming news. 


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