KingOhger: Kyoryuger Releases Confirmed by Toy Leaker with More Exciting Details

Toy leaks reveal Kyoryuger releases debuting in KingOhger, including rumours of the upcoming spin-off and V-Cinema special.
Kyoryuger 10th anniversary in KingOhger

Kyoryuger celebrates its 10th anniversary with KingOhger as Toy Leaker confirms upcoming releases for September. This includes details for the new GaburiCalibur and a new version of Gabutyra, with rumours regarding an upcoming power-up and a V-Cinema special. The rumours consist of the extra included with the toys released for the anniversary line and the design of the new Gabutyra as he combines to form a special KingOhger. The power-up will feature in an upcoming release as it merges the armour of the insect Kings with Dinosaur power.

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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger was a Dinosaur-charged series that consisted of 11 Rangers with their own mechanized Dino partner. KyoryuRed, also known as Daigo and nicknamed ‘King’, was partnered with T-Rex Zyudenryu, Gabutyra, which could combine with a triceratops, Dricera, and Stegosaurus, Stegochi, to form Kyoryujin. The Zyudenryu also used the Zyudenchi batteries activated by the team to transform or power up weapons, which include the GaburiCalibur as their sword sidearm.

Kyoryuger for KingOhger confirmed Releases

Dukemon from Rangerboard recently revealed that a toy leaker confirms the release of a Red GaburiCalibur and a new version of Kyoryujin. The Kyoryujin is likely the altered Gabutyra, which can combine with KingOhger in place of God Kuwagata. The new version of the GaburiGalibur is also reported to be able to give access to a new power-up form, which will debut in a future release. Although currently unconfirmed, Dukemon has previously revealed many releases before their previews including toys for Donbrothers and KingOhger.

Rumours have also been circulating as leaks suggest that Kyoryuger will celebrate their anniversary with a V-Cinema Special, Daigo appearing in a KingOhger episode, and even a YouTube spin-off featuring the dinosaur Sentai. The V-Cinema will also feature the power-up form that will be used by KyoryuRed, which will grant him a KuwagaOhger version of his Carnival form. The Red GaburiCalibur has been reported to come with a Kuwagata Zyudenchi to access the form. Daigo played by Ryo Ryusei and may be a regular during the Fall to winter episodes.

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As for Kyoryujin, the toy rumours include a 27cm tall release that is compatible with the Shugod line, with 15 points of articulation. The altered version of Gabutyra will not use Stegochi and Dricera but will see the legs become the arms for the combination that merges the mecha with the 9 Shugods. This will include the Shugods for the regular combination involving God Tombo, God Kamakiri, God Hachi, and God Paillion and may include the 4 smaller Shugods.

It will be brilliant to see Ryo Ryusei as Daigo in KingOhger, especially since he is ironically nicknamed ‘King’ in the 37th Sentai series. The continuity with other Sentai will also be revealed with his debut as many fans wonder if KingOhger is set on another planet, or if Chikyu is another version of Earth in a new dimension. As the GaburiCalibur can combine with the GaburiRevolver, it would make sense if the new red version would also be able to do so for a unique special attack.

Kyoryuger‘s Daigo, aka King, played by Ryo Ryusei in the 37th Sentai series and Crossover with TokQger.

The armour mode will be one of the highlighted new additions, especially since both Hurricanger and Abaranger recently celebrated their anniversary with a new power-up added. It will be exciting to find out how the new Kyoryujin will look as merged with KingOhger and if it can still combine with the normal Zyudenryu.

KingOhger will continue its run as the 47th Super Sentai series, with the summer movie, Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger: Adventure Heaven releasing on July 28. The Kyoryuger 10th anniversary releases and toys have yet to be officially revealed, but announcements are expected as they are reported to be released in September.

What do you think of the Kyoryuger crossover with KingOhger? Are you excited about Daigo returning in the 47th Sentai series? Will you be getting the new releases for the 10th anniversary? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.


Source: RangerBoard, Twitter


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