KingOhger Celebrating Kyoryuger’s Spectacular 10th Anniversary

KingOhger rumors reveal Kyoryuger releases for the Sentai's 10th anniversary. This includes two featured releases that merge both teams.
KingOhger Rumours

KingOhger‘s rumors for new releases include Kyoryuger’s 10th anniversary as a surprise for fans. The iconic and highly charged, dinosaur-themed Sentai series has been reported to be getting two new additions that will feature in the 47th Sentai series. This includes the introduction of a new weapon and an alternate version of one of the Zyudenryu. These are new releases expected to debut new toys coming this Autumn, along with rumors for the 4th Quarter schedule. 

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger was the 37th Super Sentai series that aired in 2013, featuring a team of Dinosaur-themed Rangers. The series was adapted as Power Rangers Dino Charge and included a total of 11 Rangers, with a battery gimmick used in their arsenal. Kyoryuger concluded with 48 episodes and the team featured in 5 different movies, including an ‘100 years after’ movie. The series was so popular that it was even given a spin-off in South Korea called Dino Force Brace, which altered the designs of the team and their huge mechanical Dinosaurs that are known as Zyudenryu. 

Brave In! Kyoryuger! KingOhger! New Releases! 

The releases for Kyoryuger’s 10th anniversary were reported by RangerBoard’s Dukemon, who unleashed rumors of new additions that will link into Ohsama Sentai KingOhger. This includes a King GabriCaliber and a ‘New Gabutyra’ that will be released for the 37th Sentai series in September. This also hints that the Ranger series will join up with the Kings in KingOhger, with details to still be revealed. The GabriCalibur is the sword used by the Kyoryuger team and could combine with their changer, the GabriRevolver. 

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Gabutyra is the partner of Kyoryu Red and the new form will be able to replace God Kuwagata to form a new combination for the Robo, KingOhger. In addition to these rumors, Dukemon also reveals that the final mecha for KingOhger will also debut in October. This is likely the 20-Shugod combination that includes the Caucacus Castle and golden Shugod, which have yet to be fully revealed and released.

This is incredible news that fans were not expecting, but there are yet to be any confirmations regarding the rumored release. The new King GabriCaliber will likely be able to combine with the DX GabriRevolver, but it’s possible it may not transform into the attachment. The name including ‘King’ suggests it may combine elements of the 47th Sentai series, much like the Don Zenkai Blade in the Donbrothers VS Zenkaiger Special.

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This is also not the first time Gabutyra has been altered as the Zendenryu was remade as CannonTyra in Dino Force Brace, including Gatling guns. The weapons in the spin-off were also given a fresh new design for the mini-series. It’s not confirmed how the other 9 Shugods will It will be exciting to see these upcoming additions, especially the new form of Gabutyra that can form a new Robo with the 9 Shugods. 

The Ohsama Sentai KingOhger new debuts for the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger 10th anniversary have yet to be confirmed. They are expected to be released in September, with announcements expected to follow closer to the date. 

What do you think of the rumors for the upcoming King GabriCaliber and New Gabutyra? Are you excited about the KingOhger x Kyoryuger team-up? Do you enjoy the 37th Sentai series? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news.

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Source: RangerBoard 


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