Exoprimal Offers a Dynamic 2040 ExoFighter Experience Against Dino Onslaughts with Team PVP In 2023

Exoprimal is the latest release from Capcom, which features a wave of dinosaur foes and Exosuit combat action.

Exoprimal engages players in a dynamic shooter that mashes Dinosaur hordes with epic Exosuit combat. The latest release from Capcom offers a fantastic new action game that allows players to team up against an onslaught of ancient beasts, while also incorporating PVP combat for an added thrill. The game entices players with a mixed range of Exosuits that players can use, including different classes and unique abilities that could change the tide of battle.  

Exoprimal is the latest online action and third-person shooter game developed by Capcom. The game was released on July 14 and is available on multiple platforms and features players controlling Exofighters against hordes of dinosaurs. The game features a range of Exosuits that a player can use and customize, along with different dinosaurs to face. The game is set in the year 2040 as portals known as vortexes begin appearing on Earth, which release hostile dinosaurs that plague humanity. Collaborations with other games have also been announced as upcoming releases including Exosuits and content influenced by Street Fighter and Monster Hunter

Exoprimal Mixes Dinosaur Mayhem with Armoured Variety 

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The team-based action game features different Exosuits for players to operate to take out prehistoric hostiles. Each Exosuit is treated like a hero-based character for selection, with each suit having different abilities within different classes. There is also a great amount of character customization as a player can create their pilot, unlock new skins, and even apply modifications to specific Exosuits. The game also includes both PVE and PVP gameplay, which features missions for players to embark on in teams of 5. 

Exosuit firefights against Dinos 

The suit gimmick in the game is one of the greatest uses of hero-character combat in an action game. It was also fantastic to see that a player could switch at any time if they decided they needed to change their tactics or arsenal. The tutorial was a nice introduction to the game but fundamentally, it was more exciting to get stuck into the fight against Dino hordes. Although the concept seems similar, the dinosaur waves delivered by spherical portals add a thrilling sense of anticipation, especially when a larger threat appears. The number of raptors was great to fight but the combat became more noteworthy when larger beasts arrived. 

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Each Exosuit has it perks but the choices that stand out the most include Roadblock and Barrage. Aside from the firepower wielded by Deadeye or Vigilant, Roadblock is a tank that is fantastic for assisting other players with taunts and a large shield, but it was also fun to punch foes instead of shooting. Barrage has a range of explosive weaponry, which made dealing with the raptor hordes satisfying. During PVP, using Krieger was also exciting to use as he could use bubble shields to push back foes, including enemy players. It was fun to try out different methods and switch suits in-game, highlighting how diverse each Exosuit was.

Team-Ups and PVP 

The Exosuit classes play a crucial role in the team dynamic as players work together in PVE or PVP. The Dino Survival matches usually consist of 5 players in a team. The players will select their Exosuit that can belong to an Assault, Tank, or Support class, which contains a different range of unique abilities and weapons. PVP is when the classes truly come into play as it is easy to discover what a team is lacking during a struggle against Dinosaurs or other players.

The added mix of PVP keeps the combat exciting as it is easy to defeat hordes of Dinosaurs, but the team VS team aspect keeps a level of tension and excitement to the combat. There is also an ability to send a Dinosaur against the opponent team, which is an excellent feature of the overall gameplay.

Level Up for Rewards & More Content 

There are two types of leveling included in the game, which include the player level and the Exosuit level. As a player levels up, they unlock assorted items for the player’s profile and their Exosuits, which include decorations and skins. However, the different rigs and modules help add a little competitive edge in matches, which can make a difference in a PVP game. The best part of leveling up is a range of new missions and even dinosaurs are unlocked, meaning there is way more to experience the more a player increases their level. 

Downsides to Current Gameplay

As players first start, it can be a bit overwhelming when there are many Exosuits to try and many features to get your head around. However, the difficult part that players have encountered is the last mission of a PVP match, which involves a 5V5 match to get a Data cube to a destination. The game can instantly go sour for a team as the cube move near each other, causing a heated fight to occur. As this can be a shock for inexperienced players, it can be frustrating to seem to be doing well and suddenly flop at the last hurdle, which might put some users off the game early. 

Overall ExoFighter Experience 

The game straight away has a brilliant mix of awesome gameplay with a great PVP experience with a lot of potential. The suit gimmick gives the game a real Tokusatsu/Iron Man vibe that keeps the combat interesting, as players utilize different strategies with different sets of weapons and abilities. This is a brilliant team-based game to play with friends and rewards with more content the longer you play. As there are many upcoming Exosuits, more Dinosaurs, and even Neosaurs featured in Exoprimal, it will be exciting to see how much more is added as the gameplay evolves.  

As a great team-based combat game, with an engaging selection of Exosuits to fight against Dinosaurs and other players, I give Exoprimal a rating of 7 out of 10. 

About Exoprimal 

Release Date: 14 July 2023 
Publisher: Capcom 
Developer: Capcom 
Platforms: Steam® (PC), Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S 
Genre: Third-Person Shooter 
Rating: 16 (PEGI) 

What do you think of Exoprimal? Did you enjoy the Exosuit-infused combat against Dinosaurs? Have you experienced the full range of missions and dinosaur threats available at higher levels in the game? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more reviews. 

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Source: Capcom 


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