Mike Mulvihill Talks About The Genius Tweaks to ‘Disney Villainous’ Made in the Disney100 Edition

Mike Mulvihill shares the incredible process of streamlining the game for the Disney100 Edition of 'Disney Villainous'
Disney Villainous Disney100 Edition

The Disney100 Edition, “Introduction to Evil,” of Disney Villainous brings a fresh wave of excitement for fans of the game. This updated version updates and streamlines the experience, making it even more immersive and engaging to new players. It also features a gorgeous look and design worthy of Disney’s centennial celebration. But updating a modern classic is no easy task. Luckily, lead designer of the Villainous franchise, Mike Mulvihill, gives us plenty of details about what went into bringing Disney Villainous “Introduction to Evil” Disney100 Edition to life in our exclusive interview.

How the Villainous Team Incorporated Player Feedback Into the Disney100 Edition

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The Disney Villainous “Introduction to Evil” Disney100 Edition is a great introduction to the game. The stream-lined gameplay makes for a perfect way for new players to get into the game. But streamlining an instant classic is no small-feat. Luckily, Mike Mulvihill breakdown how him and his team accomplished the task and used their 5 years of player feedback to help them.

“We have 5 years’ worth of feedback on Worst Takes It All and we knew intimately where and what we should change if possible – but it was still abstract (make Prince John a bit harder, make Ursula a lot easier…make Maleficent win for Kevin!). But overall, we were hearing more and more from Disney fans… who were not gamers… how do I play, what is this game all about – these were not gamers, but they had a point: Are we making this game as accessible to everyone as possible?

Armed with that and now the chance to put the game within the D100 sphere – so really bringing to the Disney fan– we knew this was our time to put all those concepts into practice. We rewrote the rule book for a more user-friendly tone and included not just a QR video code for the rules but individual Villain video QR codes so you can learn how to play that specific Villain!

We then went to each Villain and made simple but effective gameplay tweaks for clarity and ease of learning. As I said above, the goal was to get them into the meta of the other 20 or so characters so they can be learned easily. We also set them up to be steppingstones to the more advanced mechanics that some of the “harder” villains have.

Older players will see some the changes right away (Ursula and Prince John have slight alterations to their Objectives) and each Villain has had some cards that have been updated, but new players should see a friendly, more engaging game from the minute you open the box!”

-Mike Mulvihill, Lead Designer of the Villainous Franchise-

The Look of the Disney100 Edition

Disney Villainous

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Disney’s centennial is no small occasion. Delivering a product to be part of it is no small task. Being the diamond, presentation and aesthetic is a big part of everything Disney100. Mike talks about getting the right look and feel for the Disney Villainous “Introduction to Evil” Disney100 Edition.

“Disney is such a great collaborator – we knew about their plans for D100 for a while and they leave it up to the licensor how we want to participate. At the same time, we had been in working tentatively towards a Worst Takes it All product revision (I talked about this already) – so there was really no pressure other than being invited to participate in the D100 celebration and totally wanting to do it.”

-Mike Mulvihill, Lead Designer of the Villainous Franchise-

Creating a board game, especially one as intricate and immersive as Disney Villainous, is no small feat. It requires a perfect blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of what makes a game enjoyable. Mike Mulvihill and the team behind Disney Villainous have demonstrated an exceptional ability to bring these elements together in a way that is exemplary of a diamond celebration. The continuous expansion of the game, and redesign to include new players, is a testament to their commitment to keeping the game fresh and exciting. The Villainous team has truly set a high standard in the realm of board games, and their passion and hard work are clearly reflected in the quality of the game.

The Disney Villainous “Introduction to Evil” Disney100 Edition is exclusively available at Target for the MSRP of $34.99.

The standard Disney Villainous base game is available everywhere board games are sold.

About Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous

Original Release2018
Genre: Strategy
Players: 2-6
Playtime: 45-120min
Age: 10+
Designer: Prospero Hall
Publisher: Ravensburger

You are the Villain! Command your henchmen, defeat the heroes, and enact your evil scheme. In Villainous, the story-based gameplay allows players to experience events from the classic Disney films, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan in exciting new ways. Each Villain plays differently, offering rich strategy to explore, surprising combinations to discover, and plenty of replay value.

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