Kamen Rider Gotchard – Immaculate Official Trailer and Cast Reveal

Kamen Rider Gotchard Press Conference has revealed cast of latest Kamen Rider series, with trailer teasing Premiere Episode.
Kamen Rider Gotchard

Kamen Rider Gotchard revealed the cast and first preview of the premiere in the latest trailer. The press conference for the upcoming 34th Kamen Rider series was held in Japan revealing the first episode of the new series. Along with the preview, the cast has fully been revealed along with the story and effects used for the new installment. Along with the cast, details of the backstory and the villains have also been revealed, including specific details that reveal a secret Alchemy School. 

Kamen Rider Gotchard is the 5th Reiwa Rider series starting this September, which features an alchemy theme for the latest Tokusatsu hero. The press conference is a highly anticipated event for any Tokusatsu series as fans discover the cast, and the theme are treated to the first live-action preview of the first episode. The main Driver for the series will use Chemy Cards, which contain artificial lifeforms that combine to create different forms for the new Rider. The various weapons will be able to activate sounds and effects using the cards, with more released in Trading Card Booster packs.  

Kamen Rider Gotchard Cast and First Full Trailer 

The press conference was held in Japan yesterday as the full main cast is revealed for Kamen Rider Gotchard. The actor playing student Houtarou Ichinose, who becomes Kamen Rider Gotchard, has been revealed to be Junsei Motojima. The trailer was released during the event showcasing the start of the story, along with Motojima’s first Henshin as Houtarou becomes Gotchard. The trailer also revealed a lot of the backstory that had yet to be uncovered such as the hidden Alchemy School that is hidden below the high school Houtarou attends. 

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The trailer and conference also revealed other members of the cast including Reiyo Matsumoto as Kudo Rinne, Oto Abe as Renge Icho, Rikiya Tomizono as Tsuruhara Sabimaru, and Yasunari Fujibayashi as Kuragan Spanna/Valvarad. They will also be joined by Rikuto Kumaki as Minato, Amon Kabe as Ryo Kajiki, Yoko Minamino as Tamami Ichinose, and Kanji Ishimaru as Kudo Fuga. Key villains of the new series have also been revealed as Arisa Sakami, Geno Okita, and Kanon Miyahara will portray Lachesis, Atropos, and Clotho, respectively. 

The theme song for Kamen Rider Gotchard was revealed to be called CHEMY X STORY by BACK-ON. The theme was composed by Hi-yunk with lyrics by Seiko Fujibayashi. During the press conference, other elements of the series were also revealed as the cast got to open the first boosters for the upcoming Trading Cards. The main details of the series that are now revealed include the hidden Alchemist School that is hidden below the high school and the Three Sisters of Darkness that are after the 101 Chemies. 

It was amazing to finally see the new Rider series in action as the story has the essence of iconic releases such as Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Fourze. The attire of the allies and villains makes this series seem very intriguing and Motojima performed a captivating Henshin sequence. It was great to see that the CGI is not a dominant feature since the Hopper 1 Chemy was a physical prop.

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The Alchemy Rings worn by the students were a fascinating detail, but the overall concept of a hidden school will likely hold many surprises as the series progresses. It will be amazing to see the early episodes and see how dark the series will become in future arcs. 

Kamen Rider Gotchard will premiere in Japan on September 3, 2023, via TV-Asahi as the latest Kamen Rider series. Release outside of the region has yet to be announced as plans regarding global distribution from Toei have yet to be set into motion. Toys from the latest series have already been revealed and pre-orders are available at your local Tokusatsu store. 

About Kamen Rider Gotchard 

Kamen Rider Gotchard

Release Date: September 3, 2023 
Directed by: Ryuta Tasaki, 
Script by: Keiichi Hasegawa, Yuki Uchida, 
Producer: Takehiro Okawa, Keisuke Shibataka, Yosuke Minato 
Action Director: Hirofumi Fukazawa (Red Entertainment Deliver) 
Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda (Special Effects Research Institute) 
Music: Hiroshi Takagi 
Production: TV Asahi, Toei, ADK Emotions 

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Source: tv-asahi, Rangerboard  

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