Power Rangers Cosmic Fury – Latest Preview Confirms Mick Kanic’s Return

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury reveals the return of Mick Kanic. Kelson Henderson will return as the iconic character for the 30th Season.
Power Rangers Cosmic Fury Kelson Henderson

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury teases the return of Mick Kanic as the character features in the latest preview. The mentor known from the Ninja Steel series returns once more for the 30th anniversary season. Kelson Henderson will be portraying the character for the new series coming to Netflix, with the actor teasing his appearance on social media. Much more is expected to be revealed but the reveal confirms another iconic star for the 30 Season of the franchise.

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Kelson Henderson is an iconic New Zealander actor, who has portrayed a wide range of characters in various seasons of Power Rangers. His most iconic roles include Boom in SPD, Phineas in Mystic Force, Norg in Operation Overdrive, and Flit in Jungle Fury. Ninja Steel finally saw Henderson portray a mentor as Mick Kanic from the Lion Galaxy, who helped the featured team and took part in the 25th-anniversary event. The character also became a Red Ranger during the Season 1 finale but lost his powers after the Ninja Nexus Prism was broken.

Mick Kanic Returns for the 30th Season, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Mick Kanic returns for the 30th Anniversary season and has recently featured in a teased clip, as Amelia gives Mick a recap of events. The clip was shared on the Power Rangers Kids- Official Channel to commemorate National Power Rangers Day. Mick made his first reappearance during Episode 8 of Dino Fury as he tracks the Ninja Nexus Prism to Dinohenge, leading to Aiyon joining the Dino Fury team. Now, Mick returns as the Dino Fury Rangers try to obtain new powers and Zords to fight Lord Zedd.

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Many details have yet to be revealed regarding the overall story, but Simon Bennett has confirmed that a lot was destroyed when Zayto sacrificed himself. This included Dino Knight Morpher and Dino Master Saber who were used to power up the team against stronger foes. As the Cosmic Orb lore is linked to the Morphin Grid for the new Cosmic Fury Morpher and Zords, Mick could know of its existence in some way. As there are many Zords expected to debut, fans could see events that allow Mick to take part in the action too.

Behind-The-Scenes Photo of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury shared by Kelson Henderson on Social Media.

It is fantastic to see such an iconic star return for another anniversary event and Mick Kanic is one of the best features of the 25th anniversary to include. We may not see the character become a Ranger again, but he will likely play a major part in the story. The clip appears to be the first episode of the 30th Season so there is no confirmation on how many episodes Kelson Henderson will appear in yet. It will be exciting to see the entire cast in the new Season, along with any surprises that are in store for fans as Mick Kanic returns.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will feature Kelson Henderson as Mick Kanic for the 30th Season of Power Rangers. All 10 episodes of the 30th anniversary release will be available on September 29, 2023, and will be released worldwide via Netflix.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

What do you think of Mick Kanic’s return? Are you glad Kelson Henderson will feature in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury? Do you have any theories on what surprises the 30th Season might have in store? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.

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