Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – The Legendary Soul Of The Dragon Tommy Has Been Added to Roster

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars adds Soul Of The Dragon Tommy during the 30th Anniversary of the franchise. Featuring the iconic Ranger using the Master Morpher and all 5 Ranger forms.
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has added ‘Soul Of The Dragon’ Tommy to the Roster, including his Master Morpher powers. The comic featuring Tommy Oliver as he passes the torch to his son features all 5 of the Ranger forms Tommy can use with his unique Morpher. This will also mark the first time a character can actively Morph as part of their attacks, along with fully representing the power of the iconic Ranger. Check out this powerful new addition that you won’t want to miss.

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Power Rangers is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary and Legacy Wars resonates perfectly with the event with their latest addition. Since its launch in 2017, many Rangers and characters have been added to the range of series, comics, and unique releases featured in the franchise. Tommy Oliver was given a powerful new chapter in Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul Of the Dragon as the most iconic Ranger in history. Kyle Higgins wrote the unique one-shot with Jason David Frank as a special consultant, as a way to retire the character and pass on his legacy.

Master Morpher Tommy Debuts in Power Rangers: Legacy War

The older version of Tommy from Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul Of the Dragon includes unique move sets as he transforms into different Rangers. The moves revealed for the character all include his various Ranger forms, including MMPR Green, White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V, Red Turbo, and Dino Thunder Black. The new balanced class character will be a Legendary rarity character, with a super move featuring all 5 Rangers alongside Tommy for a powerful blast.

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It is fantastic that this iconic comic has been realized and translated into a character in the video game. With so many different Rangers to call upon, Soul of the Dragon Tommy is a visually stunning character that perfectly highlights how powerful Tommy is with the Master Morpher. The Green Ranger is the sole focus in two of the moves, but it was awesome to see some moves combining other Rangers together. This includes the White and Black Rangers a special breaker attack and both Red Rangers for a Strike Special attack.

The likeness of Tommy Oliver from the Soul Of The Dragon comic is perfect, and it finally unites the iconic character’s legacy. It will likely be a difficult character to obtain instantly but for any fan, this is one of the best additions to the roster. It would be amazing if Master Morphin Tommy is added to other releases like Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, but the game hasn’t added a new character since May 2021. With more releases expected for the 30th anniversary, this is a great new debut for the huge celebration of the franchise.

Soul Of The Dragon Tommy Oliver is now available on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Find out how you can obtain this character by logging into the mobile game. The game is available for download on iOS (via the App Store) and Android (via the Play Store).

What do you think of Soul of the Dragon Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars? Will you be aiming to obtain Soul Of The Dragon Tommy Oliver? Have you been enjoying the releases revealed for the 30th anniversary? Let us know what you think and share your progress with us on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Ranger news.

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