Ahsoka: Live-Action Kanan Jarrus Spotted in Episode 4 Easter Egg

Fans have spotted Kanan in a picture in the latest episode of Ahsoka.
Ahsoka Kanan Jarrus

* Warning: Spoilers for Episode Four of Ahsoka are in the following article. *

Star Wars Rebels ended its four-season run back in 2018 with an emotion-packed final set of episodes, one of which featured the death of one of the main characters of the crew, Jedi Master Kanan Jarrus. The beloved character, voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. in the show, was later revealed to be the father of Hera Syndulla’s baby, Jacen Syndulla (who can now be seen in Ahsoka).

Kanan and Hera’s love story was not one of the main arcs of the show and was treated in a rather subtle way (there are some hints throughout if you rewatch it with it in mind), but that doesn’t mean Hera didn’t love him with all her heart. While the new Ahsoka series, which finally brought General Syndulla to live-action, may not have mentioned Kanan so far, that doesn’t mean Hera has forgotten about him. In fact, as spotted by several people on social media, Hera holds a picture of Kanan in the cockpit of the ship, the Ghost:


star wars rebels

It’s unknown if they had a real actor pose for the picture, or if it was digitally created, but from the little we can make out of the image, it appears there is some resemblance to Freddie Prinze Jr., who voiced Kanan throughout the series and for a cameo in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. We aren’t sure it was Prinze, even though he has a great relationship with showrunner Dave Filoni. If they really had the actor come to the set, put on the costume, and find the right look for him in live-action, and not even have a close-up of the picture, that would be a real shame.

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Of course, it’s always possible that Prinze came onset for more than one day, and that he’ll have a more extensive cameo later in the series. Ahsoka Tano waking up in the World Between Worlds by the end of the episode opens up so many possibilities for a possible cameo for Kanan. Also, since we know Kanan’s apprentice, Ezra Bridger, is going to appear in the show and in the flesh, we can always have a scene of Ezra talking to a Force Ghost version of Kanan. What if that was set up for Jacen talking to his father in the upcoming planned movie? However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

As far as Prinze Jr. goes, he told Kristian Harloff that he was done playing Kanan. Ever since his character died in Rebels, he’s returned to do the voice twice — in The Rise of Skywalker and in the first episode of The Bad Batch. He specifically said both times were done as a favor, but that was it. When pressed about Ahsoka, he denied any involvement, in a way that didn’t sound like normal PR. He stated, “No Ahsoka, I’m done with Kanan. I’m too old for that stuff.”

The Next Episode of Ahsoka Is Going To Be Massive

Part Four of the new live-action series, “Fallen Jedi,” ended on a massive cliffhanger. Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) lost her duel against Baylan Skoll (Ray Stevenson), and the villains made the jump to hyperspace in seek of the new galaxy where Grand Admiral Thrawn and assumedly Ezra Bridger went after the Battle of Lothal. Ahsoka fell off a cliff and woke up in one of the most mysterious places ever introduced to the Star Wars franchise, the World Between Worlds.

The fantastical realm was first introduced shortly after Kanan’s death, in the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels, and it was the plot device used to save Ahsoka from dying at Vader’s hands. And now, she’s back there, with Vader in front of her (Yes, that is clearly Vader, as Kevin Kiner’s music and Peter Ramsey’s lighting indicate).

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The expectations are through the roof, and Lucasfilm knows it. They know it so well that they announced earlier this week they will be hosting public, fan screenings of the fifth episode of the series in select US and UK theaters ahead of Part Five’s debut on Disney+ next Tuesday night.

The midseason fan celebration screenings will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 12. The season finale of the show will debut on Oct. 3 on Disney+.

Ahsoka Kanan Jarrus

What do you think will happen in the next episode of Ahsoka? Is there any chance we see a live-action version of Kanan through a portal in the World Between Worlds? Do you think Freddie Prize Jr. was lying and he will be playing the character again? Where do you think the series is headed? Let us know your thoughts, theories, and speculation on our social media, and stay tuned for more Ahsoka coming soon!

SOURCE: Twitter, Disney+

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