Booker T Praises The Miz And Thinks He Will Go Down As An “All Timer”

Booker T makes the case for why The Miz will go down as one of the all-time greats.
WWE The Miz, John Cena

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T had glowing praise for WWE Superstar The Miz this week on his Hall of Fame podcast. According to the former world champion, he thinks The Miz could go down as one of the all-time greats in pro wrestling.

Booker T has been involved in the wrestling business since 1986.  He has worked in some of the biggest promotions of the time.  He spent many years in WCW dominating the tag team division before he achieved success going solo.  By 2001, when he joined WWF/WWE, he was a big name and star.  Eventually, he went to TNA before returning to WWE.  He is currently the color commentator for NXT.

WWE Booker T
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Booker T Endorses The Miz’s Greatness

In Booker T’s time in wrestling, he has seen a lot of wrestlers and has had matches with some of the greatest in-ring talents of all time.  When Booker T says someone is really good, it means everyone should listen. This is exactly what Booker T did on a recent episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame, which took place before Payback.  He explained what a talent he thinks The Miz is and how he will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Booker T said the following on The Miz:

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“He’s going to go down as one of the all-timers just by being the guy that has won by attrition. Miz [doesn’t] get hurt, he shows up on time, shows up ready to work every time, no matter what the job, what the task is. He goes out there and gets it done every time, whether you like it or not.”

That’s the all-time utility guy right there that can pretty much go out there and do it all. So that’s why I give Miz so much credit, because he’s been a guy that’s been in the game for a long time and he knows what it means to be in the game. He knows what it means to stay in the game. That’s why he’s successful … If you don’t want to be compared to someone like The Miz, you got a problem.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription
WWE The Miz and LA Knight
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The Miz: From Real World To World Champion

Miz is quickly approaching 19 years in WWE and already has 20 years in wrestling.  He is a prime example of following your dreams.  The first time the world was introduced to Mike “The Miz” Mizanin was on MTV’s The Real World in 2001.  During his season he would constantly talk about his dream of becoming a pro wrestler and break into his Miz character.  In 2004 he made his WWE debut as a contestant on the WWE reality competition, Tough Enough.  Even though he lost his season WWE offered him a contract because he impressed them with his work.

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The Miz quickly became a major part of WWE programming and found his stride as a heel.  As time went on and Miz developed he became probably the best heel in WWE.  Many heels do such a great job that they become a “cool heel” and start getting babyface reactions.  Two examples of “cool heels” are Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.  However, Miz was able to avoid crossing over to the “cool heel” territory.  As he got better the more people hated him like the good heel he is.

WWE The Miz and LA Knight
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First Two-Time Grand Slam Champion

Miz is the first Superstar to become a two-time Grand Slam Champion, meaning he won the WWE or Universal, Intercontinental, United States, and WWE Raw or SmackDown Tag Team Championships and did so more than once.

Recently Miz had a very good feud with LA Knight.  The two men had a very good match this past Saturday at WWE’s Payback premium live event with special guest referee John Cena.  Miz has seemingly started a feud with Cena after Cena wouldn’t let him cheat (what a jerk).

However, Mizanin is first angling for a rematch against LA Knight after absolutely losing his composure and beating up an “invisible” John Cena last Monday on Raw. Get it? Because “you can’t see” John Cena? The next premium live event for WWE will be Fastlane on Saturday, Oct. 7.  We will see if Miz has progressed enough to take out the rising star LA Knight.

Do you agree with Booker T’s thoughts on Miz?  Is The Miz good, but not an “all-timer” or does he just suck? Or do you think Booker T is right, and The Miz should go down as a Hall of Famer and an all-time great? Do you think he is the best pure heel in WWE today?  Who would you say is more hated than Miz in WWE?  Let us know who you would like to see Miz face after Cena and what title he should hold next.

SOURCE: The Hall of Fame, Wrestling Inc.

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