Daniel Wu and Sean Chen’s EVERMIND – A New Era in Comic Storytelling

Actor Daniel Wu and artist Sean Chen collaborate to introduce 'Evermind,' a captivating new comic series, now funding on Kickstarter

The world of comics is set to witness a transformative collaboration as actor Daniel Wu and esteemed artist Sean Chen unveil Evermind, a riveting new comic series. This venture gains even more significance as it marks the inaugural release from the newly teased content studio, 247 Comics. With the project now actively seeking funding on Kickstarter, fans, and backers have a unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering journey in the world of comics.

Evermind –A Fusion of Talent and Vision


Daniel Wu, celebrated for his stellar performances in Into the Badlands, Westworld, and Europa Report, has always been deeply passionate about Sci-Fi. Teaming up with Sean Chen, renowned for his artwork in Marvel’s Iron Man and Valiant, Wu sees this collaboration as a golden opportunity to create a unique narrative. “Launching my first comic and being part of this exciting new IP with Sean Chen and 247 Comics is a dream come true,” says Wu.

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Evermind delves deep into the life of innovator Lucas Zhang, whose character bears a striking resemblance to Wu. Zhang, a pioneer in neurolink technology, faces a moral dilemma as his groundbreaking inventions, initially aimed at transcending human limitations, now serve purposes of destruction and desire. The narrative beautifully captures the strained relationship between Zhang and his daughter, reminiscent of the complex bond between Steve Jobs and his child.

Sean Chen shares, “This relationship is the story engine that plays out against a series of events where you wonder if the gulf between them will ever be closed and what will be the fate of the father’s soul.”

Wu Wants to Continue Breaking Boundaries in Hollywood and Beyond with Evermind


Wu’s venture into comics stems from a desire to create opportunities rather than waiting for them. He believes that comics offer a limitless canvas, unbounded by the budgetary constraints of film and television. “Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to prove the viability of this property for multiple mediums, and bring fans along for the entire ride,” Wu adds.


Moreover, Wu’s sentiments resonate with many minority actors in Hollywood who often find themselves pigeonholed into stereotypical roles. This comic venture represents a broader movement of artists taking charge of their narratives and breaking free from traditional Hollywood constraints.

Carl Choi, Publisher and Co-Founder of 247 Comics, envisions a transformative future for the comic industry. “The landscape of content distribution is evolving rapidly,” says Choi. With a network of top creators, 247 Comics aims to revolutionize the way we consume comic content, making it more interactive, immersive, and in tune with the digital age.

Dive into the World of Evermind


Connected through a collective passion for art and story, 247 represents an ever-expanding network of top creators. Their mission goes beyond just publishing comics; they aim to create a community where creators and fans can interact, share ideas, and shape the future of storytelling.

For those eager to be part of this groundbreaking journey, the Evermind Kickstarter page offers a gateway into the world of 247 Comics. With a plethora of digital comics available for free, fans can immerse themselves in captivating narratives and be part of a larger community of enthusiasts.

247 Comics

Are you ready to explore the universe of Evermind? How do you envision the future of comics with such groundbreaking collaborations? Will you be backing this innovative project on Kickstarter? Dive into the discussion and share your thoughts with us on social media!

Source: 247 Comics

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