Awesome Lightning Collection Omega Ranger 4-Pack Finally Listed on Hasbro Pulse UK

Hasbro Pulse UK has listed the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Rangers 4-Pack.

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Ranger 4-Pack has finally been added for UK Ranger fans to pre-order. Fans were stunned and confused after the Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 event after discovering the newly revealed collectible wasn’t available for purchase within the UK. Fans within the region can now finally obtain the comic-exclusive Ranger team as part of the line, which was seen for US fans after the livestream event concluded. Here are the details regarding the upcoming release for Power Rangers fans in the UK.

Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 revealed the latest upcoming release for various franchises and the range of lines currently available. Power Rangers was given a 20-minute segment to feature the upcoming releases from the Lightning Collection and even a sneak preview of the upcoming Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. UK fans were surprised to discover that the upcoming Master Morpher was sold out in seconds, while the US was able to order 2 per customer with more stock coming soon. The biggest shock was discovering that the Omega Rangers 4-Pack for the line wasn’t listed, despite featuring for the event as a highlighted new release to pre-order.

Hasbro Pulse UK Finally Lists Omega Rangers 4-Pack Set

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Rangers 4-Pack set has gone live on Hasbro Pulse UK, after a 2-day gap between the reveal and the launch. The latest figures bring to life the iconic new team featured in the Boom! Studios comics, which also featured Lord Drakkon, Red Ranger Sentry, and the Ranger Slayer in the collection. Along with all accessories, fans in the UK will also be able to purchase a maximum of 2 sets, rather than limited to 1 like seen for the Lightning Collection Tommy Oliver Master Morpher.

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The delay for the listing has yet to be revealed by Hasbro Pulse UK but it will be a relief to fans that the set is now available. This event has created tension among the fandom, especially with the unfair treatment that appeared to have been presented to UK fans. This is an incredible set of Rangers that fans will be delighted to obtain, plus the pre-orders will also Hasbro to understand demand. It is unclear if the Lightning Collection Master Morpher will be given a 2nd wave of release like the US, but this development does activate a light of hope going forward.

As Hasbro’s Lightning Collection for Power Rangers is set for a year-long Hiatus, it will be interesting to see if the odd and unfair distributions will be amended. Other releases from the event were also affected by the region difference so hopefully, Hasbro Pulse will take this unpleasant experience as a learning experience for the next event. As the Selfie Series is also a US exclusive, it will be interesting to find out what Power Rangers will unleash next when they return for new additions to the Lightning Collection line. 

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Omega Rangers 4-Pack is available to pre-order on both Hasbro Pulse and Hasbro Pulse UK. The US release is scheduled for release on November 1, with the UK release scheduled for dispatch on January 15, 2024.

What do you think of the Hasbro Pulse UK release? Will you be pre-ordering the Lightning Collection Omega Rangers 4-Pack? Are you hoping for another wave of Master Morphers for your collection? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers news.


Source: Hasbro Pulse UK


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