MMPRToys Creates Iconic Zeo Power Chamber Model for Lightning Collection Figures

MMPRToys creates amazing 3D Print files for Power Rangers fans to create the Zeo Power Chamber.

MMPRToys have featured a fantastic Lightning Collection Set for Power Rangers Fans by recreating the Zeo Power Chamber Display. The Power Rangers Zeo feature was created by Mia with Bruno for the Lightning Collection figures, allowing an iconic display to be created for the Mighty Morphin Rangers. Various locations and custom items have been created by the team by the content creators have gone beyond by recreating an iconic location in Power Rangers history. This brand-new model has been made accessible for fans to purchase and create their own magnificent displays with their collection. 

MMPRToys is an iconic and renowned content creator channel featuring Bruno and Mia as they review and highlight the various toys released for Power Rangers. From animations to custom displays, the duo has been infamous for their sit-com style videos as they showcase the new releases from Power Rangers and beyond. Videos reviewing Super Sentai releases have also been featured on their YouTube channel, with comparisons across the board for Bandai and Hasbro toys. 

MMPRToys Recreate Power Chamber Display For Lightning Collection 

MMPRToy presents their sets to fans of the Power Rangers Lightning Collection line and reveals how to purchase and build them.

Bruno and Mia have provided an iconic scene from Power Rangers history as they release a 3D printable Power Chamber set. The set was shown via the MMPRToys YouTube Channel, which features the iconic display within the Power Chamber. The scene recreates the Power Chamber background as the Zeo Rangers have their Mighty Morphin forms displayed behind them. Mia was revealed to have created various set options and instructions that help fans print their own scene from Power Rangers Zeo, with their Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Rangers.  

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 The sets include a small set with just the windows for displaying the figures and pegs for the weapons, with a large set option for greater details and various pieces for larger-scale builds. Other options include LED stripe lights compatible with the set as part of the design and a 3D print of the weapons, for those who want the display without mounting the Lightning Collection figure weapons. Other 3D design releases from MMPRToys include the Dark Dimension set, which was featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1.  

Having such iconic and detailed scenes for Lightning Collection figures is a fantastic idea, which is something that Hasbro has yet to create. The Power Chamber set is a perfect hit of nostalgia that devote collectors will love to print, paint, and build for their collection. The module aspect of the 3D Prints is also brilliant for those who have smaller printers, showing the thought put into the design of Ranger fans. This is one step away from fully creating the Zeo Power Chamber and for those who have Alpha and Zordon from the line, a full recreation of the location could be possible. 

The MMPRToys Zeo Power Chamber Set is a fan-made 3D Print file for fans, which can be purchased via the MMPRToys Etsy store. The set was designed for the Lightning Collection figures released by Hasbro but can be used for other figures previously released for Power Rangers. 

What do you think of the 3D print Zeo Power Chamber Set? Do you think Hasbro should make sets in the future? Will you be getting this magnificent design created by MMPRToys for your collection? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Power Rangers content. 

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