Heat 2 Officially in Development With Michael Mann to Helm Sequel to His Classic Thriller

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Michael Mann’s Heat is one of his best, most celebrated, and acclaimed movies, and it’s one of the most acclaimed heist thrillers ever, and it looks like he’s developing a sequel. Deadline reports that the filmmaker revealed at a recent Contenders London event that Heat 2 will be his next film, a long-awaited sequel to the classic thriller.


Mann recently completed his latest film, the biopic Ferrari, starring Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari, the man who started the Formula One racing. While promoting the film, Mann was asked by Deadline if Heat 2 would be his next film. He responded, “Yes. Meg Gardiner and myself wrote the novel Heat 2, which came out right when we were shooting Ferrari. It did very well. I plan to shoot that next.”

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So it looks like the sequel will be adapted from the novel of the same name Mann wrote with Gardiner recently. The book hit the New York Times bestsellers list after it was released in August. Before the strikes began, Deadline previously reported that Ferrari star Driver was in talks to play a younger Neil McCauley, who was portrayed by Robert De Niro in the classic 1995 movie.

When asked if he was planning to reteam with Driver on the upcoming sequel, Mann responded, “Perhaps. We don’t talk about that yet. Let me put it this way: Adam and I got along like a house on fire [on Ferrari]. We have the same work ethic – which is pretty intense. We like each other, and we had a great time working together artistically.”

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The film will reportedly work as both a prequel and a sequel to the first film, with McCauley, Chris Shiherlis (Val Kilmer in the 1995 movie), and Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino from the original) in the years leading up to the events of the 1995 film. It will also reveal what happens to the surviving characters in the years following the original.

The past portion of the sequel will be set in Chicago in 1988 when McCauley, Shiherlis, and their crew were planning scores on the West Coast, the U.S.-Mexico border, and Chicago. At the same time, Hanna is becoming a rising star in the Chicago Police Department in pursuit of an ultraviolent gang of home invaders.

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The 1995 movie stars De Niro, Pacino, Ashley Judd, Tom Sizemore, Amy Brenneman, and Jon Voight. The film was a success, grossing $187 million worldwide. It’s since become one of the most revered heist films of the 1990s. The original film followed a group of professional robbers, led by De Niro as Neil McCauley. They soon start to gain the attention of the LAPD detective, Lt. Vincent Hanna (Pacino).

Heat 2, a sequel to one of Mann’s most celebrated films certainly sounds like a bold and interesting move. Considering the original film was a fairly complete film that didn’t really call for a sequel, it’s an interesting choice. Additionally, a 1988 setting isn’t that much earlier than the 1995 film, so it might seem weird to have a Driver portraying a younger version of De Niro during that era.

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However, it is possible the time period for the past portions of the narrative could be tweaked for the final product. It will be interesting to see if any of the other actors will reprise their roles to show them what happens in the years following the original. It has been 28 years since the first film was released in theaters.

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Meanwhile, Mann’s next film, Ferrari, arrives in theaters on December 25. The film also stars Penélope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey, Jack O’Connell, and Shailene Woodley.

What do you think of the news? Do you think a sequel to Heat is a good idea? Would you see Heat 2, or do you think Michael Mann should leave it alone? Let us know your thoughts on the news on The Illuminerdi’s social media.

SOURCE: Deadline

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