Molly Holly Talks About Current Unsung Hero Of Women’s Division And Possible Return

WWE Crash Holly and Molly Holly

WWE producer and Hall of Famer Molly Holly talks about who she believes doesn’t get the credit they deserve for helping the current women’s division. Holly had an impressive in wrestling and in WWE.  During that time, she proved herself as one of the most popular and best women’s wrestlers on the roster.  She left WWE in 2005 and has made sporadic appearances on WWE TV since then. Later in 2021, she rejoined the company as a producer behind the scenes.

WWE Molly Holly
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During Holly’s time with WWE, she helped elevate the women’s division and had some very good matches with wrestlers like Victoria, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, and Lita.  She also had very entertaining segments while working with Crash Holly, Spike Dudley, and of course, The Hurricane when she became Mighty Molly.

Many of the women from the early 2000s have talked about what an impact Fit Finlay had in making the women’s division as good as it had become.  During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Holly was asked who she thinks is the unsung hero or the “Fit Finlay” of the current generation, and she cited the work of former WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd, aka TJ Wilson, stating the following:

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“So TJ Wilson, or Tyson Kidd I guess is his wrestling name, he spends his off days at a pro wrestling ring helping any women that want to come work out with him and Nattie [Natalya]. And then backstage, I see all the women go to him for advice. He really has studied the women’s wrestling so much.

He can say, ‘Oh, remember that match you had at NXT three years ago where you did this and that? I think you could incorporate that today.’ Just things where I’m like, ‘How does he remember what somebody wrestled three years ago?’ So I would say that Tyson Kidd is really dedicated, and he doesn’t really get as much recognition as he should.”

WWE Tyson Kidd TJ Wilson
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A Serious Injury Has Proven To Be A Blessing For The Women’s Division

Wilson is the husband of current WWE Superstar Natalya and was once a prominent part of WWE TV until he suffered a spinal cord injury in 2015 which ended his in-ring career.  Since then, he has taken on a role as a backstage producer.  He has taken the women’s division under his wing and has helped to make the division what it is today.

Molly Holly currently works backstage like Wilson as a producer.  She was asked what it was like being a part of the last heyday of women’s wrestling while helping to build the current one and what fans can expect. She continued:

“I love how the women’s wrestling has evolved and how it’s changed, and it is the best it has ever been. You could put anybody, whether it’s a popular character or even someone who’s maybe not used on TV as much, you could put anybody in any combination on TV, and they would give the top-notch, like premium live event quality, everything. I’m just so impressed with the entire roster. And the thing that’s a bummer is that not everyone gets the TV time to show what they can do. 

So sometimes they’ll just be like a backstage or someone passing behind the scenes or like a tag match where someone’s only in the ring for two minutes and I’m like, oh, I wish they could really show more. But on Raw, it’s already a three-hour show. There’s a lot of stories to tell, so that’s the only thing that I wish. I wish that everyone could have a 20-minute match every week. But really the fact that these women, they are capable of doing it. It makes me feel proud. Like, wow, look how far they’ve come.”

WWE Molly Holly and Spike Dudley
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Too much talent and not having enough time to use them is a big problem in pro wrestling, especially in WWE and AEW.  It is a good problem to have, but is frustrating for fans and wrestlers as well.

Others Have Come Out Of Retirement So Why Not Molly Holly?

Molly Holly has made some appearances on WWE TV since her retirement.  Some of those appearances have been in the Women’s Royal Rumble matches.  During those appearances, she looked good and didn’t seem awkward in the ring at all, not having lost a step.

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Molly Holly’s appearances in the Royal Rumble match and her contemporaries, Lita and Stratus, returning to the WWE ring have made fans wonder if Holly will be next.  Stratus has had some high-profile matches with Becky Lynch.  So why can’t Holly make a return to the ring as well?

Molly Holly answered this exact question and has pretty clear thoughts on the possibility of her returning to wrestling. “I really don’t believe that there’s anything I could add to the business,” the former WWE Women’s Champion said, “I just feel so complete in my career. I don’t feel that it’s like, oh, if I just had this moment. I already had all the moments. I really want to save the TV time for the younger people to have their moments.”

WWE Molly Holly and Ivory
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Molly Holly has made fairly consistent appearances in the Royal Rumbles over the past few years.  Hopefully, the fans will be able to see her again in the 2024 Royal Rumble.  Maybe we could see a final showdown with a former opponent like Stratus during the upcoming Rumble match.

Are you surprised that Wilson has taken on such a big role in the women’s division?  What do you think is the biggest difference between the best women’s wrestlers of the early 2000s and the best of the current era?  Do you think Molly Holly would have a successful run in the current WWE if she was in her prime?  Would you like to see her have one last match?  Let us know who you would like to see her wrestle if she had one final match.

SOURCE: Wrestling Inc., Wrestling Inc., Wrestling Inc.

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