Trish Stratus Explains How Her Pairing With Huge NXT Standout Came To Be

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Trish Stratus explains how her and former NXT star, Zoey Stark, became partners and who brought up the pairing.

Stratus dominated the early 2000s in WWE.  She helped to reinvigorate the women’s division.  Prior to her debut the women’s division in WWF was the same few women wrestling each other over and over.  She added new blood to the division and learned how to wrestle very quickly.

In late 2022 Stratus returned to WWE to become a major part of the company once again.  Her along with Lita began helping Becky Lynch in her fight against Damage CTRL.  Her help allowed Lynch and Lita to become WWE Women’s Tag Team champions.  She was the hero that WWE and Lynch needed.

WWE Becky Lynch, Trish Stratus
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However, in April of this year Trish Stratus turned heel and attacked Lynch.  Stratus then recruited NXT standout and former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Zoey Stark.  Since then the two women have had a falling out, but they proved to WWE how dangerous they are.

Trish Stratus talked about the pairing of her and Stark on a recent episode of The Hall Of Fame show and who brought up the idea.

“Hunter and I talked about it at one point, not necessarily Zoey, but it was like ‘do we need a little something to get you some muscle. We were talking about me being a bit of a chicken sh*t heel, and what could I do. Back in the day, I had Tyson Tomko and I hid behind him.”

-Trish Stratus, H/T To Wrestling Inc. For Transcription
WWE Zoey Stark, Trish Stratus
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Trish Stratus Didn’t Have A Particular Name In Mind

Trish Stratus admitted that she didn’t have any names of people she might want as her muscle.  She hadn’t even thought about if she wanted a man or a woman as her muscle.

WWE had Stark in mind because she was ready for the main roster and was going to be called up soon.  They brought up the idea to Stratus of Stark being her muscle and was a way to have her debut on the main roster.

Trish Stratus talked about how she felt about the idea of Stark being her muscle.

“Then they brought up Zoey and I think she was just ready. She was ready in NXT to like to go to the next level.  She had proven herself over there. They brought her in, I loved the idea, we were super excited about the surprise element. It was kind of just another part of the story to be like, ‘surprise.’ Another turn that you didn’t expect.”

-Trish Stratus-
WWE Zoey Stark, Trish Stratus
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Trish Stratus Wanted To Give Back To The WWE

Trish Stratus talked about why one of the reasons she was excited to work with Stark was because she was from NXT.  Stratus admitted that her return to WWE had some selfish elements because she wanted to challenge herself.  However, she also wanted to give back to WWE, the women’s division and younger talent.  Stark fit that bill very well.

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Stratus talked about why working with Lynch and working with Stark were very different.

“Working with Becky is one thing, but I’m not giving her the rub, she’s Becky Lynch,” Stratus said. “We’re definitely complimenting each other, but when I got to work with Zoey and having that ability to do the stuff we did on Tough Enough. Even when I left, I know we don’t like each other right now, but we are still in touch. I want to help her.”

WWE Zoey Stark
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Trish Stratus Likes To Look At The Little Details To See Why Something Worked

Trish Stratus admitted that she prides herself on finding the little details that make little segments standout.  She wants to help Stark and others find the little details so they can make more of an impact.  One example she gave was as simple as which jacket to wear to the ring or if she should wear one at all.

Trish Stratus’ last big match was against Lynch in a steel cage at Payback.  This is where the partnership between Stratus and Stark ended.  Since then Stark has just begun aligning herself with Shayna Baszler and a tag team championship is probably around the corner.

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What have you thought of Stratus’ return to WWE?  Is she still at the top of her game?  What did you think about her partnership with Stark?  Was Stark the right person for Stratus?  If not, who should have been Stratus’ muscle?  Let us know if you think Stratus has one more title run in her and if you think Stark will have one in the next year on social media.

Sources: The Hall Of Fame, Wrestling Inc.

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