Thor 5: Marvel Studios Reportedly Hunting for New Director

Marvel Studios would reportedly be in early development of Thor 5, and are actively looking for a new director.
Thor love and thunder Chris Hemsworth, Thor 5

There’s an update on news of a possible Thor 5 from Marvel Studios. Between Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, Black Panther 2, Ant-Man 3, Guardians 3, Captain Marvel 2, Deadpool 3, or Captain America 4, Marvel will have a two-year stretch where they are essentially playing the hits in theaters.

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The days of Shang-Chi and Eternals opening up back-to-back seem to be gone for the immediate future, and it’s not until Thunderbolts (which itself is a compilation of so many other previously introduced characters) and Blade that we’ll be back to original MCU properties. Well, the future is not looking bright at the moment, as Kevin Feige may already be thinking about a fifth Thor installment.

Thor 5 in Early Development at Marvel Studios

According to known insider Daniel Richtman (DanielRPK on social media), who shared the news on his Patreon page, Marvel is looking for a director to helm a fifth installment of the Thor franchise (via ComicBookMovie). If true, that would indicate that Taika Waititi would not return after doing the last two movies with Chris Hemsworth.

mighty-thor-thor, Thor 5
Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Waititi, of course, has admitted recently that maybe Love and Thunder wasn’t the best movie he could have possibly made, and though he had said around July 2022 when the film came out that he’d be interested in coming back to complete an unplanned trilogy, the truth is that his mind is elsewhere at the moment. He’s focused on a new installment for the Star Wars franchise at the moment, which he should which he’s currently writing now that the WGA strike has settled. The filmmaker also has a couple of other projects he’s been actively working on for the past year, including Max’s Our Flag Means Death.

Thor’s next MCU chapter has been a bit of an open question ever since Love and Thunder rolled credits and the title card “Thor will return” appeared on the screen. Waititi and Hemsworth were famously caught off guard by that. But the tease was obvious, with the introduction of Brett Goldstein’s Hercules and the overall need to reinvent Thor once again.

Thor Love and Thunder
(L-R): Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie and Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor. Photo by Jasin Boland. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

The name Robert Eggers has been floated around the Internet as a candidate that would take Thor into the grittier territory he probably belongs in by now. But, first of all, does Robert Eggers really want to stop his great creative stream of original movies to go work for Marvel on a fifth installment in a series? Yes, The Northman was great, but that was not something that will fly under Disney, no matter how many R-rated Deadpool 3s they claim to be making.

When would Thor 5 come out?

Of course, it’s way too early to tell when a hypothetical fifth Thor installment will come out, but it’s definitely not on the horizon at the moment. Even if this report is true, which we don’t know yet, the calendar is pretty filled up with projects that are furthest along in production until 2025-2026. It seems almost guaranteed that Chris Hemsworth will not be a part of the MCU past Secret Wars, so it must happen before then. Currently, the climax of the Multiverse Saga is scheduled for 2027, but 2028-2029 seems much more likely in the current climate of delays, delays, and delays.

Thor-Stormbreaker-Mjolnir, Thor 5

Online reports seem to suggest that Marvel is much more centered on putting together a third Doctor Strange film that would have direct ties to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty rather than Thor 5. But keep in mind the whole story of the Multiverse Saga is at risk of collapsing if Jonathan Majors isn’t completely vindicated in his upcoming trial.

Marvel has an easy way out, by recasting the character using the vastness of the Multiverse as an excuse, but even then, there surely were plans for some of the variants we’ve already seen, namely the ones in Quantumania, to come back. It’s a massive PR headache for them. Bottom line is that every other day, there seem to be new reports and social media “scoopers” saying that Marvel is in development of the next hot thing, from a Daughters of Liberty story to Thor 5 to Doctor Strange 2 to Spider-Man 4 to a Scarlet Witch project to Vision Quest and the Young Avengers, to whatever.

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However, nothing’s official until Marvel Studios announced Thor 5. Even then, it’s not even guaranteed to happen. So stay tuned, because, with the SAG-AFTRA strike hopefully wrapping up soon, we might have some real answers coming.

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SOURCE: Daniel Richtman RPK,

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