Digimon TCG Teases New Project Just As New BT14 Booster and Updated Tutorial App Unleash

Digimon TCG receives an update for the Tutorial App, 1st Ace Digimon Debut Booster, with a new Project teased for 2024.

Digimon TCG reveals huge changes to the game as the Tutorial App is updated, a new Ace Digimon debuts, and a new project is teased. The Digimon Card Game has released the latest Digimon strategy decks ahead of the new booster, Blast Ace (BT14), which will add Ace Digimon to the mix. The Digimon TCG Tutorial App has finally been updated with the new rules to showcase the Ace mechanic coming soon. Bandai has also teased a new project that will affect the Digimon cards and may even add a new original Digimon.

The Digimon Trading Card game has included many new mechanics and effects over the years, including special conditions for iconic characters and even a special mechanic for DNA Digimon. Digimon Ghost Game has recently had their lines completed by the Resurgence Booster that even included all-foil in the pack and even powerful reprinted cards. The Blast Ace Booster will place a spotlight back on the Digimon Adventure characters as the new Ace Digimon cards will be introduced for counter Digivolutions during an opponent’s turn.

Digimon TCG Teases New Project as Tutorial App Update and Ace Digimon Take Over

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A new Project teases a new Digimon as the potential mascot for the upcoming release, which has yet to fully reveal the name and content. The trailer features art of the new Digimon with cards in the background, with more information to be released in December. Recently, the Digimon TCG Tutorial App has finally been updated with the two new Decks released before the Blast Ace Booster packs. The upcoming booster for the Digimon card game is releasing in November but Bandai has recently released a teaser for a new project.

Digimon TCG Tutorial App Adds Updated Gameplay 

The tutorial that once contained the first three starter half-decks has now been replaced with full decks of the new releases. This includes the Black deck, Dragon of Courage, and the purple deck, Wolf of Friendship, which feature Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon as Ace Digimon cards, respectively. The update also includes the entire deck of cards, with their range of effects. In addition, the mulligan rule has also been applied to the tutorial, which allows players to redraw their hand once at the start of a game. 

Blast Ace Booster, Upcoming Releases, and Potential Project Meaning 

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The Blast Ace will bring back the characters of the Adventure series with the new Ace Digimon cards for various new deck combinations. The booster will also feature the new Digimon included in the Digimon Seekers, which includes the Digi-Police, Hi-Commandramon line, and the Loogamon line. Other releases have also been revealed as upcoming boosters as the Japanese version adds an even greater selection. This includes the upcoming releases that will follow Blast Ace (BT14) in 2024. 

  • Animal Colosseum (EX05) – Featuring Deva & 4 Sacred Beast Digimon, Characters from Digimon Story, and a new effect. 
  • Exceed Apocalypse (BT15) – Featuring iconic Digimon Adventure characters as Ace cards, the Dark Masters with Apocolypmon, and more from Digimon Seekers 
  • Beginning Observer (BT16) – Featuring 02 series Digimon characters from Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, including Ukkomon and Rui. 
  • Infernal Ascension (EX06) – Teasing the Digimon that represent the 7 Deadly sins. 

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The latest teased project could be a new booster that will feature as the next release in the line-up for 2024. As it is a project, this could also be a greater piece of content, which could be anything from a new manga to a new anime series or even a long-awaited video game. There are many word associations teased in the video, with fans anticipating the project being called ‘Digimon Liberation’. For now, fans will have to wait until December, when Bandai will reveal even more about the upcoming Digimon 2024 project.

New Digimon teased for upcoming Project releasing in 2024

The Digimon TCG Tutorial App 2.0 version is now available on Google Play store and Apple App Store. This demo features the Dragon of Courage deck and the Wolf of Friendship deck, which contain the new Ace Digimon cards and are available to purchase now.

Digimon TCG Blast Ace Booster (BT14) will be released on November 17, 2023. The booster will feature new Ace Digimon cards, along with characters from Digimon Seekers.

The Upcoming Digimon Card Game project has yet to be revealed with more details coming soon. The latest project for 2024 will be revealed further in December 2023.

Digimon Card Game

What do you think of the new releases for the Digimon Card Game? Are you excited about the new Digimon Project coming in 2024? Have you tried the new Digimon TCG Tutorial app yet? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news.

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