Why Digimon TCG Should Get A Video Game

The Digimon TCG has yet to release a video game, despite the continuing success of the Trading Game Game. With the new ACE Digimon coming soon, we explore the potential of a video game release.
Digimon TCG

The Digimon TCG is one of the biggest Trading Card Games with a fantastic range and incredible gameplay quirks, yet it hasn’t been released as a video game. The game currently features a range of iconic Digimon and themed boosters throughout the franchise, with Digimon Ghost Game finally getting its Mega Digimon. Before the new ACE Digimon cards are introduced, we are going to discuss the lack of video games and technologies that could enhance this incredible Digimon card game.

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The Digimon Trading Card Game was first released in North America in February 2021, with characters featured from the Digimon Adventure 2020 reboot. Since its release, more boosters have been added for players to create a wide range of decks, with characters from different anime, video games, and even other mediums. The latest Booster, Resurgence Booster (RB01), coming for the English version of the Card game will finally add the remaining digital monsters featured in Digimon Ghost Game and will also feature reprints of powerful past cards.

Digimon TCG Video Game Still Not Available

Digimon TCG’s Latest Rule Trailer Demonstrating Online Game

The popularity of the Digimon TCG has led to various tournaments and games hosted at venues and online. Despite being a fantastic card game that perfectly embodies the Digimon battle experience, there has yet to be a video game based on this magnificent card game. The only app currently available for the game was the first tutorial for the game, which allowed the Digimon community to try the game for the first time. The demonstration of the gameplay only included the first three Starter Decks that were originally released, which have mostly become obsolete.

What Could the Video Game Version of the Digimon TCG Be?

Digimon Tamers – Episode 1 – Card Battle Scene

Although there are many great examples of what the TCG could be like, there are other possibilities that could be used. Both Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon have TCG video games that add to the experience of the gameplay, while also including the effects and cards seen in the physical releases.

One reference that fans would love to see is the card game aspect seen for Digimon Tamers. This is due to the use of cards as part of the digital monster gimmick, which could be used again since both Digimon Ghost Game and Digimon Seekers incorporate the Vital Bracelet series for their gimmick.

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If a similar concept and experience could be applied to the TCG, it would add another layer to the video game that fans can immerse themselves in. It would also be amazing to have a battle as if it were in the style of the anime, opening a new line of content to be established.

This includes a similar concept to the latest Pokémon TCG release, Pokémon: Path to the Peak. Naturally, the game may not integrate with the physical card game, but it would be perfect to engage new players in the card game.

Features the Tutorial App Could Continue

The Tutorial App may be limited to the three decks but already showcases fantastic visual effects for a future video game. From hatching to attacking, there are fantastic effects included in the app that could easily be carried to any video game. Additionally, it perfectly highlights Digivolving to Ultimate or Mega Digimon, which could be fantastic for the great range of monsters now in the game.

The only trick would be to ensure that the long list of effects is added since there are many inherited effects and trigger effects that would need to be programmed. With a few more attack and activation-based visual effects, it would be amazing to see what else could be done along with adding the other deck colors.

AR Could Go Beyond Expectations

With the tournaments for the TCG already taking off, using AR could be the perfect addition to the physical release. As the franchise has so many fantastic monsters, bringing them to life in AR would be a fantastic way to enhance any battle. Project A.T.E.M., a fan Yu-Gi-Oh AR project by Crown Corp, is the closest to bringing the iconic card game to AR, which also shows how the digital monsters could benefit.

This would work perfectly with the Digital Monster concept and could open a brand new way to battle. Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, cards are only face-down when they are in the main deck or Digi-egg deck. This means that recognizing and tracking cards would be easier, and effects could be applied to the option cards for spectacular visuals. This concept could also work with VR and take advantage of the new features of upcoming headsets such as the Meta Quest 3.

No matter what direction is taken, the TCG has a huge following now that keeps building. With so many new Boosters revealed and coming soon in Japan, it would be amazing to finally see this incredible card game launch onto the video game platform. A new mechanic will soon be introduced to the game that has already debuted in Japan. It will be interesting to see how ACE Digimon will affect the game when the upcoming booster, and structure decks, are released for the English version of the card game.

The next booster for the TCG will be the Resurgence Booster (RB01), which will be released on September 29. The booster will feature the Mega Digimon and related characters from Digimon Ghost Game, with reprints for legendary cards previously released in other Boosters and past decks. The Blast Ace (BT14) booster for the English version of the Card Game is scheduled to be released in November, followed by the Animal Colosseum (EX05) Booster in January 2024.

There is currently no news regarding a video game for the Digimon TCG. Keep following for any announcements regarding upcoming and potential releases.

What do you think of the Digimon TCG? Do you think this card game should be given a video game? Are you excited about the upcoming boosters and ACE digital monster cards? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Digimon news.

SOURCE: Digimon TCG, CrownCorp, Bandai

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