KingOhger’s Land of Gokkan Revealed as New Fortnite Island

Gokkan was revealed as the upcoming 3rd Fortnite Island. The teased land of Ice and Snow from KingOhger will be added by Toei Zuban Lab.

The Kingdom of Gokkan from KingOhger was revealed as the new upcoming Fortnite island by Toei Zukan Lab. Locations from the 47th Sentai series have been gradually added to the iconic video game, with the next release teased on social media. This will be the 3rd location from the Ohsama Sentai to be added to the game, allowing fans to explore the iconic land of ice and snow that is home to Papillion Ohger. The new location will also feature the iconic landmarks belonging to an immovable neutral country. 

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Ohsama Sentai KingOhger originally featured 5 Kingdoms on the planet Chikyu, which belonged to the 5 Kings of the Sentai series. Gokkan is the home of God Papillon and Rita Kaniska, who uses her Ohger Calibur to tap into the Shugod’s power to become the Purple King, Papillion Ohger. The land is seen as harsh but hosts the Chief Justice to judge and imprison international criminals. Fortnite has already hosted the Shuggodam castle and even the Kingdom of Technology, N’kosopa, as island locations for players to experience.  

KingOhger’s Kingdom of Gokkan Coming Soon to Fortnite 

The land of ice and snow belonging to the Chief Justice ruler, Papillion Ohger, will be released as the 3rd location from KingOhger added to Fortnite. Toei Zuban Lab teased the upcoming island on social media, allowing fans to see the first preview of Gokkan’s Ziburn Castle. The gameplay and experience for the new location have yet to be revealed but is expected to be announced soon. The location includes the cliff-based snowing environment seen in the 47th Sentai series, along with the tower featured with scales just barely visible in the preview image. 

The land of Gokkan was a fantastic surprise as many fans were expecting the land of health and Beauty, Ishabana, to feature next. This may be due to the episode debut order that included Shoggodam in episode 1 and N’Kosopa in episode 2. This choice for the land of ice and snow might be linked to the upcoming Christmas holidays, which would be the perfect location for the theme. As the Castle of Shuggodam was given a Halloween theme this year, it makes sense that Gokkan could host the next holiday season. 


At the time of this announcement, the gameplay and the code for the new KingOhger island for Fortnite have yet to be unveiled. However, it won’t be long before it is finally released for fans to experience. As N’Kosopa featured a bigger game experience than the first island, it’s possible that Gokkan could have a unique experience fitting for the location.

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It’s not yet clear whether it will be similar to the previous releases but it will be an exciting surprise to find out what the team behind it could have in store.  Fortnite Third Country will feature Land of Ice and Snow, Gokkan, as the next KingOhger island. Toei Zuban Lab is expected to reveal more soon, with the experience code release date expected to be Sunday, November 5, 2023.

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What do you think of Gokkan added as the third KingOhger location? Are you excited about what kind of gameplay could feature? Do you think Gokkan will be given a Christmas-themed makeover in December? Are you looking forward to playing this map in Fortnite? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai news. 

SOURCE: Toei Zukun Lab

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