KingOhger x Fortnite: Toei Features Glorious Locations from Sentai Series

KingOhger will feature the iconic Kingdoms in Fortnite. Toei Zukan Lab reveals N'Kosopa as a new island location, with the Castle of Shugoddam already live.

The iconic locations of each kingdom from Ohsama Sentai KingOhger will be featured in Fortnite. The 47th Sentai series has many wondrous locations that will be added to the Battle Royale game by the Toei Zukun Institute.

The code for the castle in Shugoddam has already gone live for fans to experience the location in-game, with another Kingdom revealed to be coming this Sunday. Both locations are part of a long line-up of releases that will bring the Tokusatsu Superhero series to the gaming world. 

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Ohsama Sentai KingOhger features a visually stunning array of locations as the Kingdom of Chikyu is created digitally for the 47th Sentai series. As the first Super Sentai series to use virtual production in regular filming, the staff at Kiyosumi Shirakawa Base were able to bring scenes to life using in-camera VFX, screen processing, and chroma key composition with the cast.

Due to the technology, the locations featured in KingOhger were possible to make bigger than any series before, with each kingdom of the world created with stunning details and their own overwhelming character. 

KingOhger Adds N’Kosapa to Fortnite, with Shugoddam Available 

Toei Zukan Lab has revealed the second part of their KingOhger x Fortnite release as they announce N’Kosopa will be the next Kingdom added. The Kingdom of Technology and home to Tonbo Ohger will be coming to the Battle Royale game this Sunday, as a training island.

The castle in Shugoddam has already been featured in Fortnite as the interior of the Cacusus Kabuto Castle is already live. The throne of Kuwagata Ohger and OhKuwagata Ohger can be fully experienced in the game, with the new location code revealed soon. 

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Having such incredible locations accessible to fans is one of the features that we have been desiring since KingOhger first aired. So much has been put into these Kingdoms that it is fantastic that fans can finally explore them.

It’s also amazing that the locations are available worldwide, meaning that the whole Tokusatsu community can enjoy them. However, with such detail and awe-inspiring scenery, it would have been even more awesome to have these locations in VR, so hopefully, Toei Zukan Lab will do so one day. 

As the Shugoddam Castle will be followed by N’Kosopa, it is likely that the locations release based on the episode debuts. If this is correct then Ishabana might be the next location to feature, which is the home to the Queen of Beauty and Health, Kamikiri Ohger. It will be interesting to see where in N’Kosopa the game’s island will be set, as it will either be outside or within the President’s domain. More images will drop once the code finally becomes available this Sunday, which will reveal the chosen area. 

Part 1 Shugoddam: Opening of the Country! “Recover the King’s Room! Training Edition” is currently available to access in Fortnite. Fans of KingOhger can access the in-game location by using the island code, 5011-1640-7775.

Part 2 will feature Nkosopa, which will be released on Sunday, September 24, 2023. The code will be revealed by the Toei Zukan Lab Official X account on the day of release.

What do you think of KingOhger locations featuring in Fortnite? Have you visited the Shugoddam Castle in the game? Do you think these locations should be added to VR and other games? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Tokusatsu and Super Sentai news.

SOURCE: Toei Zukun Lab

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