KingOhger: Mysterious 2-Years-Later Poster Reveals a New Chapter for 47th Sentai Series

The latest publicity poster for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger teases the two-year timeskip and gives us our first look at the newly styled kings.
Ohsama Sentai KingOhger

The latest publicity poster for Ohsama Sentai KingOhger teases the two-year timeskip and gives us our first look at the newly styled kings. In a change from Toei’s usual style, which gives us time skips in movies and specials, Kingohger is time-skipping as part of the storyline of the show, with the next half taking part 2 years after the battle against the Bugnarak is concluded.

You can check out that newly revealed poster for KingOhger below:

Ohsama Sentai KingOhger two years later

The KingOhger Story So Far…

Two thousand years ago, on the planet Chikyu, six legendary heroes harnessed the formidable power of Legend King-Ohger, a fusion of the thirteen Shugods, to overcome and exile the Underground Empire Bugnarak to the depths beneath the planet’s surface.

But this coalition eventually fractured and disbanded. Five of the heroes established their own realms—Shugoddam, Nkosopa, Ishabana, Gokkan, and Toufu—with Lainoir Husty, the founder of Shugoddam, being celebrated as their mightiest leader. However, the sixth hero’s history was erased, cast aside for falling in love with a prominent member of the Bugnarak army.

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In the present era, as Bugnarak’s king declares war, the current rulers stumble upon an ancient prophecy. Unfortunately, their attempts to forge a new alliance against the impending threat are complicated by King Rcules Husty of Shugoddam, who wants to manipulate the Bugnarak’s attack on his own kingdom to justify his conquest of the other four realms.

A young man from Shugoddam (Gira), appalled by Rcules’ callous motives, takes it upon himself to seize the Ohger Calibur, a symbol of the king’s authority. He dubs himself an “evil king,” vowing to dismantle Rcules’ rule. He unites with the rulers: President Yanma Gast of Nkosopa, Queen Himeno Ran of Ishabana, Chief Justice Rita Kaniska of Gokkan, and Feudal Lord Kaguragi Dybowski of Toufu. Together, they strive to thwart the Bugnarak’s threat and overthrow Rcules.

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Their mission gains an unexpected ally in Jeramy Brasieri, an enigmatic historian and self-proclaimed leader of Chikyu. Jeramy unveils himself as the child of the forgotten sixth hero, who devised the prophecies to unite both of his parents’ peoples.

Driven by a desire to make amends, Gira topples Rcules and ascends as the new king of Shugoddam, while Jeramie vanquishes Desnarak VII and becomes the new ruler of the Bugnarak. With this, the sixth kingdom of Chikyu is born, heralding a new chapter in its history.


Which Brings Us To The Future…

The battle against Bugnarok has finally reached its conclusion, which is supposed to mark the beginning of a long-lasting peace… But as reports by TV-Asahi tell us, it isn’t that simple.

After a two-year time skip, a new enemy appears from the depths of space. There is little information right now about this enemy, but we do know it’s referred to as the  “King of the Universe”, and so should be a formidable enemy for our heroes!

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Toei is making extensive use of 3D CG and live synthesis technology to create this virtual production, raising expectations for the space visuals which promise to be both immersive and stunning.

In typical time-skip fashion, the six kings are all sporting new looks. Gira, who used to look so young, now carries himself with an adult-like demeanor (and long hair!). Yanma has transformed and now sports a golden pompadour. Himeno, whose hair is now orange, has become more active, while Rita’s long hair has been cut short into a bob. Kaguragi’s hair has been let loose to emphasize his wildness, and Jeremy now dons a cloak, showing signs of his awakening as a king.


But What Does This All Mean?

All of this fits nicely into a fan theory we reported on last week, which suggests that a Shugod could have been targeted by the Deboth [from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger] before they set their sights on Earth’ and so opens up the long-awaited crossover between the Kyoryugers and Kingohgers.

As Bryn points out in that article, we still have a lot of Kingohger left and so we could be open to a multi-episode crossover to mark the tenth anniversary of Kyoryuger. This would be a first for the franchise, which is no stranger to crossovers but usually reserves them for movies or cameos. But Kyoryuger has been a very popular addition to the sentai canon, and drawing on that popularity would be a smart business move for Toei.


The Kyoryugers appeared in no fewer than six movie releases, had two special episodes, a V-Cinema release, and was so popular with Korean audiences (where it was marketed as Power Rangers Dino Force) that it spawned a Korean-made sequel (Power Rangers Dino Force Brave).

Are you up for an entire cross-over arc to mark Kyoryuger’s 10th anniversary or would you have preferred a “10 years after” movie? Please let us know your thoughts on the time skip and all these theories on social media!  


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