Here’s Why Captain America Is To Blame For Avengers: Infinity War Loss According To The Marvels Director

'The Marvels' Director, Nia DaCosta talks about why she believes Captain America is to blame for 'The Avengers: Infinity War' loss.
Captain America in Infinity War

Is Captain America the one to blame for The Avengers losing to Thanos in Infinity War? One filmmaker believes that to be the case. The 2018 Marvel Studios film Avengers: Infinity War was a film that left many fans shocked. We have always seen our heroes prevail and win their battles but when Thanos prevailed by snapping away half of all life in the universe into disintegrated ash, it was heartbreaking.

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Fans didn’t know what was going to happen next, especially since Avengers: Endgame was set to be released a year later. The big question is: Who is to blame for the Avengers: Infinity War loss? According to The Marvels‘ director, Nia DaCosta, she believes the hero that is to blame for the loss was Captain America.


During an interview with’s podcast, Phase Zero, Nia DaCosta spoke about why Thanos winning and why the Avengers’ losing in Infinity War was on Captain America. She claims that the character was incorrect in his stance yet he was also correct at the very end. The filmmaker stated the following:

“So, here’s the thing: the reason why it’s his fault is the reason why he’s such an amazing hero, because he’s like, ‘We’re not gonna sacrifice anyone. There always has to be another way.’ He was incorrect. But then also, he was right in the end, ’cause everything was fine. We did lose some people that we care about, but it is his fault, because he should’ve just ripped that thing out of his homie’s head from the beginning.”

-Nia DaCosta-
Courtesy of Marvel Studios

DaCosta was referring to the Mind Stone that was embedded in Vision’s skull. It was also suggested in the film that Wanda Maximoff was able to use her abilities to destroy the stone but it was done too late. While they all wanted to save Vision by using the Wakandian tech to remove it, it ultimately led Wanda Maximoff to kill Vision. Since Thanos already had the Time Stone, he was able to turn back time and take the stone.


Even though DaCosta does believe that Steve Rogers should’ve been quick when it came to destroying the Mind Stone at the beginning, she believes the character refusing to sacrifice Vision’s life “makes him such a good character.”

“But then, again, that’s what makes him such a good character, and I think some of the amazing success of that first part of the MCU was that those characters were so true to themselves, and they made sense. All of the decisions that they made, even if you didn’t agree with them, they made perfect sense to who they were. So, even though I blame him, I understand him.”

-Nia DaCosta-
Courtesy of Marvel Studios

No hero is perfect and that’s what makes them human. From the very beginning, Steve Rogers has always believed in saving and protecting people. In Infinity War, he told Vision that “we don’t trade lives.” He did have his issues in the past, especially when it came to hiding the truth of what happened to Tony’s parents when it was revealed that the Winter Soldier was behind their deaths in Captain America: Civil War. Also, in defense of Captain America, it could be argued that Thanos still would’ve won even if they didn’t wait to destroy Vision’s Mind Stone.

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Steve has always been the character who would always try to do the right thing. He’s there to not only protect his friends but also protect those who need saving. He’s selfless and is committed to doing good. The Captain America mantle was eventually given to Sam Wilson after the character retired in Endgame. Steve chose Sam for a reason and from what we have seen in 2021’s Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sam is the right hero for the job.

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SOURCE: The Direct | Phase Zero’s Youtube

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