Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Will Feature the Lovable Krypto the Super Dog in His Live-Action Debut

Krypto the Super Dog will be a star player alongside Krypton's Last Daughter in the upcoming DC Film, 'Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.'

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has officially found its writer/actress and playwright Ana Nogueira is set to write the standalone feature film that is centered on the Kryptonian cousin of Superman that is being developed by DC Studios. In 2022, Warner Bros. hired her to write a “Supergirl” film, and the project was supposed to be a spinoff of The Flash which featured Sasha Calle as the character.

The project was eventually scrapped when James Gunn and Peter Safran took over leadership. Not only will the film feature Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El but also the famous loyal canine companion, Krypto the Super Dog.


In an article that was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the article suggests that Krypto will be a star player alongside Krypton’s Last Daughter. In the DC Universe, Supergirl is known for owning a feline friend rather than Superman’s faithful canine companion. In fact, when Kara Zor-El was reintroduced in the DC comic book canon, Krypto greatly disliked her at first, and the two did not get along.

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This isn’t the first time it’s been talked about the character being featured in an upcoming DC film. In May, James Gunn heavily suggested that the Super Dog will appear in Superman: Legacy. In an interview with Toronto Sun, Gunn joked to Chris Pratt that he could play Krypto in the upcoming film. Pratt responded with “It sounds like there’s going to be a character called Krypto in Superman – breaking news,” with Gunn confirming, “It is a scoop, I guess.”

This could mean that Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will end up closely tied to Superman: Legacy. As of right now, no dog is attached to the role, as it is in early development. No director has been attached to the project and an official release date has yet to be set.

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Of course, this would not be the big-screen theatrical debut of Krypto the Super Dog. He made his theatrical motion picture debut in DC League of Super-Pets, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The film generated mixed reviews from critics, and the animated family comedy under-performed at the box office, making only $93 million domestically and only $207 million worldwide. The character has also made multiple appearances in animation.


Krypto was sent to Earth to be the companion and protector of baby Kal El. He landed in a suburban neighborhood outside Metropolis where he befriended a young human male named Kevin. He saves Kevin a couple of times while they are both trying to seek out Krypto’s master. Eventually, the now-grown Kal-El visits both Krypto and Kevin, Kal-El. notices the bond between the super dog and young Kevin.

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He gives Krypto to Kevin to keep an eye on and serve as Kevin’s neighborhood protector. The canine superhero has a lot of powers and abilities. Krypto possesses the same potential powers as an average Kryptonian which includes Solar Energy Absorption, Heat Vision, Super-Hearing, Enhanced Vision, and much more. He can maintain continuous strenuous physical action for an indefinite period of time and his strength is augmented by yellow solar radiation interacting with the greater than human density.

One thing most of us humans wish is for our four-legged friends to live a very long time and Krypto can live longer than regular humans. He remains in his prime as long as he is under the exposure of the “yellow” sun. Just like Superman, Krypto has his weaknesses. He has the same potential weaknesses as an average Kryptonian which are the vulnerability of Kryptonite and vulnerability to magic.

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It will be exciting to see the Super Dog make his live-action appearance. Whether he will appear in Superman: Legacy or Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow first, viewers and fans alike will be thrilled to once again see their favorite DC characters on the big screen.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter | GamesRadar

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