Boonboomger 1st Wave Toy Listing Teased For 2024

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger rumors tease upcoming 1st Wave of toys including details for the arsenal and the Robo for the 2024 Team.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger’s 1st wave of toy listings has been revealed as rumors as Sentai fans tease upcoming releases. This includes teasers for the Changer for the team, figures, the main Robo, and even the possible range of additional mechs to combine with. Along with the Role-play toy line, the listings also tease interesting quirks about the 48th Sentai series, including differences among the members. These rumors may be taken with a grain of salt, but Moderator Dukemon has shared his excitement about the reveal on Rangerboard. 

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger is the exciting next vehicle-Sentai series debuting as the 48th series in 2024. Rangerboard has hosted a range of leaks and rumors for various Super Sentai series in recent years. Already, the moderator has revealed many juicy rumors regarding the new Sentai team, including the use of a color scheme that hasn’t been seen since the 3rd Sentai series, Battle Fever J. The logo was recently revealed for the new team of heroes, with the toys and the official poster expected to finally be shared this December. 

Boonboomger Exciting Rumor List Teases 1st Toy Wave 

The first wave of toys revealed for Boonboomger was revealed by Dukemon via Rangerboard, which consisted of the Changers, a possible role-play weapon, figures, and a large range of mecha set with the Robo. The names are the only thing revealed for the 48th Sentai toy line, but the listing already suggests that two members will be given a different Changer. This includes a listing for a ‘DX Boonboom Change Axe’ alongside the ‘DX Boonboom Changer’, with the ‘DX Boonboom handle’ item yet to be identified. The listing also includes a listing of 5 Ranger figures for each member of the team, likely in the grouping order. 

The listing also reveals the new line for the Robo, Car Series, which consists of various sets and single releases to combine with the main Robo. This includes a Police set, a Builder set, and even a Night/Knight set. The individual releases suggest that the police set will feature two patrol cars and a shovel and dozer with a feature in the Builder set. A large set will also include all 4 parts of the first wave, suggesting that a lot of debuts will feature at the start of the series before the 2nd wave is revealed. 

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The details of the toy line alone are creating excitement within the Toku community as the two Changers are reminiscent of Sentai teams like GoOnger and Hurricanger. It’s fantastic to see that the first wave will already include 4 different sets but having a shared Robo that isn’t linked as a motif sounds similar to the old-school Sentai teams that released before Hikari Sentai Maskman. It’s great that a clash of old Sentai and new Sentai will feature in the upcoming 48th Sentai series. As Handle is often referred to as a steering wheel in Japan, this item could be similar to the weapons seen in Kamen Rider Drive, but fans will have to wait to see any confirmations. 

Dukemon Dives into New Detail for Boonboomger & Toy Rumors 

Rangerboard has hosted Matt as he unravels the rumors further by clarifying details that are likely to feature in the upcoming Super Sentai series. This includes both the team and the Robo’s Car series, which paints a clearer picture of the possible concept. Some of the major details include how the team members may appear and their mech allocations, along with the Car Series featuring a similar combination concept to the Unitroborn toy line. This was previously mentioned as a toy line that will include the same spring-action transformation caused when clashing two figures together.  

One of the major details is the Trailer mecha, which will form the main Robo for the series. The details suggest that the new Robo won’t be allocated to a member of the team but will instead combine with the mecha that are. Various features include the 4 different sets and that at least one of the releases will be linked to the Black and Orange heroes that will join the team with Red, Blue, and Pink. The main Robo mecha will also include other forms and may even be able to carry the other mecha before combining. 

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The new team of heroes begins to show signs of a similar trend for both GoOnger and even Ryusoulger, which adds to the excitement of the release. The use of tires for the helmet was expected but use on the back of the suit was a surprise. As a fan of Hyperforce Black, it will be fantastic to see if the latest Sentai will finally feature the first official female Black Ranger, but the confirmation has yet to appear. If the trio and duo have different changes, it will be curious to see how much their suit designs differ along with their mecha sets. 

As for the Robo, the Gattai features of the new Sentai sound like a lot of fun to experience and it will be great to finally see images of them. The different combinations will make the new series exciting from the start and keep the early episodes debuting a lot of content. It will be curious to see if the various sets will feature different weapons or maybe a motif relating to the drivers, like seen for Carranger. However, the Trailer mecha will be a great dominant feature for the Car Series if it’s used as the main Robo and a carrier, so any releases for the next wave could be even more spectacular. 

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger toy listings are expected to be fully revealed before Christmas. The poster for the 48th Sentai series and the 1st wave of toys with their release dates will be revealed soon, with images expected soon. Join the discussion on Rangerboard as more rumors and information are revealed. 

What do you think of the 1st wave of toys revealed for Boonboomger? Are you excited about the upcoming 48th Sentai official images? What details are you hoping will be true for the 2024 Sentai? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content. 

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