The Illusive Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Logo Has Been Revealed

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger logo revealed as line art is shared by fans. New hints and Rumors for the 48th Sentai were also shared via Rangerboard.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger‘s title logo has been discovered and shared on social media. The art for the new logo of the 48th Sentai series has been found by Rangerboard’s Dukemon, who shared the design on the forum and on other platforms. This is one of the first official images revealed for the Super Sentai series coming in 2024, with more to be revealed in December.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger is the 48th Super Sentai series that is reported to include a vehicle theme for the 2024 release. Ohsama Sentai KingOhger currently features the 47th Sentai Series that combines an insect and royalty theme for the squad of heroes. Rumors have already begun to appear for the next Sentai, which were previously shared for past shows before they were finally revealed officially.

Boonboomger Logo Line Art Leaked and Revealed

The Bakuage Sentai logo was revealed by Matt Hunt, who is known by the alias, Dukemon, on Rangerboard. The moderator discovered and shared the line art for the Boonboomger series, which officially confirms the theme and the other elements previously leaked. This includes the use of a car meter for the logo design, which will reoccur on the Sentai team suits and gear. Only the line art is currently available as the image was discovered by Dukemon, with others finding it from Chinese websites, such as the China Trademark Network.

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Many fans were expecting to see a silhouette of the new Sentai team in the recently released Televi-Kun magazine (Terebikun) so, this image was a nice compromise. It’s great to see the first confirmation against rumors that have been shared on social media and Rangerboard. Although it is great to see the line art, the colors have a big impact on the aesthetic of the series so it will be interesting to see what is chosen. As tires and the car meter feature in the logo, it will be interesting to see how much they are incorporated into the suit design for the Boonboomger team.

New Rumors Unleashed for 48th Sentai and the 1st Toy Wave if Boonboomger

In addition to the logo reveal, Dukemon and the fandom on Rangerboard have revealed more information regarding the upcoming Sentai team and the toy line. This previously included a hint to ‘Ecology’ as an aspect of the new series, along with details on the Robo of the Sentai. The rumor to the first wave of toys includes the Robo for the series, which will have an adaptable armor gimmick. A New line of moveable 1st Robo action figures is also teased, with the new Robo revealed to be called EnjinOh.

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The concept seems a step up to KingOhger’s insect-attaching gimmick as it allows greater variety. This concept might seem to be an upgraded version of the Robo gimmicks for Lupinranger VS Patoranger and Kirameiger, which feature vehicles as their mecha. It will be interesting to see how much these new mecha could be dissembled to make the parts for the Robo, which is a concept used by Ryusoulger. However, it will be exciting to see the new design created for the 48th Sentai team as many Reiwa releases have gone beyond the norm.

More official images are expected to debut soon as fans await more releases during December. The poster for the new team is the first anticipated release on social media, which previously revealed the full team for Donbrothers and KingOhger. The first wave of toys is expected to feature in Televi-Kun, which will likely feature the Changer, 1st Robo, Roleplay items, and figures for the new series. However, there could be a lot of surprises debuting on social media soon as fans discover more in their search for answers.

Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger is the upcoming 48th Sentai series debuting in 2024, with the official premiere to be announced soon. More news and official images are expected to feature soon, revealing the new superhero team before January.

Super Sentai logo

What do you think of the Boonboomger logo? Are you excited about seeing the Sentai team for the first time? Are you hoping for more reveals and information on Rangerboard? Let us know on social media and keep following The Illuminerdi for more Super Sentai content.

Source: Baidu, Rangerboard

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