Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze Says Big Return To Wrestling Is “Really Fun”

WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze open up about his return to the ring.
WWE Tyler Breeze

WWE legend Tyler Breeze talks about his return to wrestling and dream matches.

Breeze had a long tenure with WWE.  He went from FCW to NXT to the main roster and back to NXT.  In 2021 WWE released him.

Since Breeze was released he stopped wrestling.  He focused on training young wrestlers at his Flatbacks Wrestling school.  Despite not being a WWE Superstar anymore, he is still involved with WWE.  He is the co-host of UpUpDownDown along with Xavier Woods and even helped with training at the WWE Performance Center.

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WWE Tyler Breeze and Ludwig Kaiser
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However, the wrestling bug bit him again and he returned to the wrestling ring.  Earlier this year he wrestled in an event for Next Generation Wrestling where he defeated Matt Cross for the NGW Championship.

While a guest on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Breeze talked about his return to the wrestling ring.

“It’s really fun. It’s very different,” Breeze said. “Obviously coming up, the independent scene is very different than on the other side of it, but getting back out there is fun. There’s a lot of people out there that I’ve never worked with before, a lot of people who are hungry to get better and learn some stuff. They just need the right people to work with and help them along with certain things. It’s fun seeing a lot of the crowd as well, who haven’t seen me for a couple of years now.

 It’s fun talking to everybody a little bit more because you’re doing more of a meet-and-greet type of style and selling your merch and stuff like that. You’re right in there with them. I always like the interactions with fans and hearing about the stuff that they liked and their experiences, and the first time that they saw all that type of stuff. So, it’s been refreshing.”

Via Wrestling Inc.

A Very Long Tenure With WWE

WWE Tyler Breeze and Angel Garza
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Breeze was in WWE from all the way back in the FCW days in 2010 and remained with the company to 2021.  In that time he carved out a place for himself in NXT with his Prince Pretty character.

In 2015 Breeze went to the main roster.  While on the main roster he struggled to find his footing.  However, he eventually was partnered up with Fandango.  Breezango, as the pair became known as, were given dumb and comedy spots.  They were not supposed to get themselves over, but they did with their Fashion Files segments and good in-ring work.

Technically Still A Part Of WWE

WWE Tyler Breeze Fandango Breezango
Courtesy Of WWE

Breeze’s deal on UpUpDownDown apparently allows him to take indie bookings.  How far that freedom extends is unknown.  Could he show up in AEW?  If he truly has been bitten by the wrestling bug again and wants to give it one more shot, we just may see him in AEW or TNA.

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Since Breeze is back in wrestling the question of dream matches came up and he names guys he grew up watching like Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels.  However, he also listed two currently active wrestlers who he thinks would match his gimmick well.

“I guess the closest thing if I was ever going to maybe say a dream match, I think a really fun match that would be, would be me and Orange Cassidy or maybe Dalton Castle. I think I’d put him on there, too,” Breeze said. “It’s the guys that get it, the guys that get the character, but then you can also get a 20-minute match out of them.” H/T To Wrestling Inc.

Sticking To The Gimmick

ROH Dalton Castle
Courtesy Of Ring Of Honor

Breeze has one of the only old-school over-the-top characters in wrestling today.  Only a few mainstream guys are committing to their gimmicks like that.  Two of those guys happen to be Orange Cassidy and Dalton Castle.  Castle being a very close comparison to Breeze’s gimmick.  Both men are bursting with self-confidence and self obsession, but Castle is much more loud about it.

Both Cassidy and Castle are currently with AEW.  Breeze would have a lot of new and extremely talented wrestlers to wrestle in AEW and also some ex-WWE guys he can wrestle again or for the first time.

Were you a fan of Breeze in NXT?  Do you think WWE misused him on the main roster or was he just not ready for it?  Are you happy to see him wrestling again?  Would you like to see him go to AEW?  Would you rather see him have a match with Castle or Cassidy?  Do you think he has what it takes to win gold in AEW? Let us know on social media who else in AEW you would like to see him wrestle.

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