The Miz Reveals How Much Fun He Had During His Feud With LA Knight

Longtime WWE Superstar The Miz recently revealed how much fun he had working with fellow Superstar LA Knight and the challenges of their feud.
WWE Miz and LA Knight

Longtime WWE Superstar The Miz recently revealed how much fun he had working with fellow Superstar LA Knight and the challenges of their feud. Miz may not be considered one of WWE’s top Superstars, but when WWE needs someone to help elevate a Superstar and needs someone they can rely on, The Miz is one of the most reliable talents on the roster to pull that off.

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WWE’s trust in The Miz and putting over his opponents in a good feud is important. Top officials recently gave Miz an opportunity to showcase this ability most recently during his feud with GUNTHER. It culminated in a title bout between the two men at this past Saturday’s WWE Survivor Series: WarGames.

WWE Miz and LA Knight
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However, not long ago The Miz faced off with someone on the rise and is his equal in a lot of ways, Knight.  The two men went at it on the mic and showed why they are two of WWE’s best talkers.  Their feud was very entertaining and hopefully, it won’t be the last time they will face each other. The Miz was recently a guest on TNT Sports, he talked about how much fun he had in his feud with Knight. The two-time WWE Grandslam Champion stated the following:

“Oh, I had a blast working with LA Knight because he’s the type of character that you can really lock in and kind of make fun of, right? And you know he’s gonna spit fire back to you, and so you know you need to come guns blazing. You need to come correct. 

When you step up and you’re on the microphone with an LA Knight, you need to make sure that you’re at the top of your game, that your mind is clear and that you are ready to go. And he brought it. I brought it, and I thought we created such a great rivalry. And honestly, I think we had two matches, so I think it’s kind of the beginning to me.”

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WWE Miz and LA Knight
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Wrestler Of The Year

Knight has to be the wrestler of the year in WWE.  He has gained so much momentum and has garnered so many fans.  His merchandise sales are consistently some of the best of any of the Superstars.  Every time WWE has given him an opportunity he has far exceeded everyone’s expectations.  WWE even had him feud with their top star, Roman Reigns, and Knight showed what he could do in a high-profile feud.

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The Miz continued his praise for Knight by talking about how talented he thinks Knight is and how he has taken his big push and run with it. He continued during his chat with TNT Sports:

“What an incredible talent. What a rise. How about the WWE Universe not getting tired and that’s to credit to him for the WWE universe not getting tired. ‘Cause a lot of times you see a lot of these guys, the rocket’s there and you see them come and they crash and fall a couple months later.  He’s been doing this now in WWE for a year, this trajectory, this wave has been coming.”

WWE Miz and LA Knight
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Knight’s rise up the WWE ranks hasn’t been without its detractors and haters.  One of Knight’s biggest critiques by his haters has been how he sounds and acts like other Superstars.  The two he is said to be most like are The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many talents have noted that he’s like a combination of the two wrestling legends. However, Mick Foley questioned if that is a bad thing as a guest on Busted Open Radio. The WWE Hall of Famer commented on Knight:

“I think it’s funny when I hear Kevin Nash and LA Knight feuding. Ithink Kevin’s knock on him is he’s a cross between The Rock and Steve Austin, and I’m thinking that’s not a bad guy to be a cross between.

This guy has made it his own. He’s very sharp on the microphone. When you have John Cena coming in as your backup, that’s a major achievement … I know he didn’t come out on top [at WWE Crown Jewel]. The sky’s kinda the limit.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Knight has yet to win an official WWE championship to really solidify his place in WWE.  However, gold has to be just around the corner for him.

What did you think of The Miz and Knight’s feud?  Do you think their similar styles are what made it so good?  Would you like to see the two men face off again?  Should Knight try to be less like Rock and Austin?  Do you think he is similar to them at all?  Let us know what championship you think he should go after next.

SOURCE: TNT Sports, Wrestling Inc., Busted Open Radio, Wrestling Inc.

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