Randy Orton Admits He Was A Big Jerk When He Was Younger

Randy Orton admitted to Logan Paul on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that he used to be a jerk in his younger years in WWE.
WWE Nick Aldis and Randy Orton

Randy Orton looks back on his past self and regrets how he treated people. Orton made his big return to wrestling recently at Survivor Series: WarGames.  He was Cody Rhodes’ secret weapon in his fight against The Judgement Day.  Before Orton’s return, he had been out of action for well over a year with a back injury.

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The WWE Universe has welcomed him back with open arms.  He is well respected and loved by his fans and his peers.  Kevin Owens recently said this of Orton: “Having him around in the locker room is an absolute positive.”

WWE Randy Orton
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Even though everyone loves Orton and is happy to have him back, that may not have always been the case.  He debuted on WWE TV at 21 years old and his immaturity was apparent through his actions.  It has been rumored that he would poop in the female Superstars bags on occasion.


On a recent episode of fellow WWE Superstar and United States Champion Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive, Randy Orton was asked about his past behavior.  Orton was asked if he thinks he was a “dick” in the past. He stated the following:

“100 percent, but that was like my armor. I was an a**hole, I think, because I wanted people to respect me maybe, I don’t know. I just know that I grew out of that phase, and I thank god that I did. But I see footage that, I didn’t know the camera was rolling, maybe at an autograph signing and there’s an interaction with a fan and it’s picked up. 

“Then now, they’re doing this doc on A&E, that they are just kinda finishing up and I’ve seen some of this footage from 10-15 years ago and I’m like, ‘Oh my God. That’s horrible.’ But that’s just kind of who I was. It wasn’t coming from a place of confidence. I think it was coming from a place of like, it was my armor man.”

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Randy Orton admitted that he thought he would get respect by being a jerk.  Through his amazing work throughout his career, he has earned the respect he craved as a young WWE Superstar way back when. Since returning to WWE he hasn’t taken it easy and eased back into WWE.  His first night back he took on The Judgement Day.  He is currently positioning himself to challenge the Tribal Chief of WWE, Roman Reigns.

Orton is a 14-time World champion and if he beats Reigns he will take one step closer to overtaking the legendary 16-time champion Ric Flair.  However, if WWE didn’t give Orton chance after chance to shape up we wouldn’t have The Viper in WWE currently.

“Luckily, I was given a second, third, fourth chance from Vince McMahon coming up when I would get in trouble or get sent away for a couple of months or get fined a second or third time. I am so blessed. I just had the right guys in there to yank my ass straight and make sure that I was walking the straight line the times that I did veer off.”

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WWE Triple H
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How Triple H Helped Orton Grow as a Person

Randy Orton revealed that one of those guys to pulled him aside when he veered off was Triple H.  When Orton first debuted he was part of Evolution with Triple H so they were very comfortable with each other.  Orton praises not only Triple H’s wrestling knowledge but him as a human being.

Orton gave an example of what a great boss and human being Triple H is.  Orton revealed in the past taking time off for birthdays or the birth of children was unheard of and rarely allowed, but Triple H will try to make that happen now.

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Are you glad that Orton matured and isn’t as much of a jerk anymore or did it make him lose his edge?  Can you see Orton’s age starting to affect his in-ring work?  If WWE had released him when he kept getting in trouble, do you think he would have quit wrestling?  Do you think he would have achieved as much in his career if he had gone to TNA when he was younger?  Are you looking forward to his feud with Reigns?  Let us know if you think Randy Orton should be the one to take the titles off Reigns.

SOURCE: Impaulsive, Wrestling Inc.

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