WWE Icon Booker T Wants to See Two Fellow Icons Face Off in an Epic Matchup

Booker T reveals two of the greatest WWE fighters he would love battle it out in the ring.
WWE Booker T

Booker T thinks anyone who loves wrestling should want to see these two big men wrestle.

With Survivor Series behind us, WWE has its focus on the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.  This is the most exciting time of year for wrestling fans.

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However, fans aren’t the only ones who are excited for possible matches and match-ups.  On a recent episode of his podcast, The Hall of Fame, Booker T talked about one of the big matches he hopes to see next year is Brock Lesnar vs. GUNTHER.

“Brock [vs.] GUNTHER, that’s a man’s man matchup right there. Anybody that loves this business and loves wrestling, they should want to see that matchup right there. That one right there is a main event anywhere in the world. It’s got to be close to the main event on night one [of WrestleMania] maybe … This is a big match, GUNTHER and Brock.

That’s like two heavyweight boxers. You cannot undermine that match thinking that it’s not going to be the biggest thing on the card. It’s going to be the biggest thing people want to see. It’s not gonna be like any match on the card. There’s not gonna be no playing, no jumping, no diving. Oh my God, I can only imagine how that thing is going to turn out.”

Brock Missing And GUNTHER Dominating

WWE Gunther Brock Lesnar
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Brock Lesnar has been missing from the WWE landscape for some time.  The last match he competed in was all the way back in July.  He and Cody Rhodes competed at SummerSlam for the final match of their trilogy.  Since then he has been off the radar, but as we approach WrestleMania season his return will be happening soon.

On the other hand GUNTHER has been very active on Raw.  He has accepted challenge after challenge and overcomes them all.  He is not only a rising star on RAW, but is also the Intercontinental champion, so he has a target on his back.  

When thinking of dominance in the men’s division two men come to mind.  The first obviously being Roman Reigns, but the second is GUNTHER. He has held the Intercontinental Championship for 550 days at the time of writing.  It is the longest reign for the Intercontinental Championship ever.

WWE’s WrestleMania Season Is Shaping Up Nicely

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The big match ups for the upcoming year already have some solid possible entries.  The inevitable Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania being one.  Rhodes has to finish his story.  

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The other match we will eventually see is the very real rivalry between CM Punk and Seth Rollins.  Punk has already announced he will enter the Royal Rumble match and that he is coming after Rollins when he wins.

Rollins vs. Punk and Reigns vs. Rhodes are both WrestleMania main event level matches.  However, so is Lesnar vs. GUNTHER.  This upcoming year is already shaping up to be an exciting one.

Can Brock Lesnar End Yet Another Streak

WWE Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes
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There are very few men in WWE who have a chance at beating GUNTHER, but Lesnar is one of them.  So far the two men have only faced off one time.  In this year’s Royal Rumble match they went nose-to-nose.  Unfortunately Bobby Lashley ruined the fun and eliminated Lesnar before they could really go at it.

Booker T isn’t the only one wanting this match.  GUNTHER wants to face Lesnar and expressed why it is a dream match for him.  GUNTHER has said in the past that many consider him their end boss, but he considers Lesnar his end boss.

It’ll Be A Slobberknocker

WWE Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes
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Lesnar and GUNTHER have a similar style with the only difference being Lesnar’s use of MMA holds like the Kimura Lock.  Like Booker T said their match won’t have flips or a Flying Head Scissors, as cool as that would be.  The two men would beat the living hell out of each other with brutal chaps from GUNTHER and giant suplexes from Lesnar.

Do you agree with Booker T that Lesnar vs. GUNTHER is “a man’s man matchup?”  If not, what two men would make it one?  Would you be excited to see the two men face off?  Do you think it would main event WrestleMania or should it co-main event Royal Rumble?  When they finally face each other do you think Lesnar can break yet another streak and should he be the one to do it?  Let us know on social media which inevitable match excites you the most- Rollins vs. Punk, Reigns vs. Rhodes, or Lesnar vs. GUNTHER?

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