GUNTHER Explains Why He Likes Matches With Opponents With Styles Unique To His Own

The WWE legend GUNTHER discusses his worthy opponents and why he love a good challenge

GUNTHER explains what type of wrestlers he likes wrestling and why he likes ones with different styles.

GUNTHER is at the top of his division.  He has a record-breaking title run of well over 500 days as Intercontinental champion.  Even though he has taken on very challenging opponents like Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle, big men like Bronson Reed and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He has been able to defeat them all.

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WWE GUNTHER and Drew McIntyre
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GUNTHER was recently a guest on The Masked Man Show.  While on the show he was asked about if he tries to have the best match possible or the best match for his opponent’s style when planning out a match.

“Even though I think there’s a certain style for my matches, I like the match-ups that are like the biggest mix-up, if that makes sense,” GUNTHER said. “If you look just at the wrestling aspect of it, for example, obviously somebody like Chad Gable is the best opponent for me because those kinds of guys, same with Riddle or even years ago, Tim Thatcher, Zack Sabre Jr. Those were always guys I loved to wrestle because they are those naturally gifted grapplers … It just goes very well with my style.”

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Loves Wrestling Wrestlers With Different Styles

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GUNTHER admitted that even though he likes and has great matches with grapplers, he can have very good matches with non-grapplers.  An example he gave was a match against Xavier Woods.  He admitted the match wouldn’t look like it would be good on paper, but actually worked really well because their styles are vastly different.

GUNTHER began talking about how his next opponent may be a big challenge for him because of how different their style is than any of his previous opponents.

“I think Miz is another example where I’m really looking forward to the match because it’s a challenge for me. It’s not just somebody where I know ‘Okay, same style as I do. It’s going to work well. I know what I need to do.’ It’s a little bit of a challenge because he’s a completely different kind of wrestler.” 

Miz Is A Completely Different Type Of Opponent

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GUNTHER doesn’t have much longer to prepare for Miz.  The two men will face off this Saturday at Survivor Series; WarGames for the Intercontinental Championship.  Miz won a controversial number one contendership match a few weeks back to have his shot at GUNTHER.  Miz is coming in with a lot of momentum and is looking really tough.  If anyone is going to beat GUNTHER it just might be Miz.

Most wrestlers get their start in wrestling outside of WWE.  They wrestle all over the country if not the world.  That was GUNTHER’s life before signing with WWE.  However, on the other side is Miz.  He spent his entire career in WWE.  GUNTHER admits that their stories coming up in the business are vastly different and because of that it makes an interesting match.

Celebrities Getting Into Wrestling

WWE Bad Bunny vs Damien Priest
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Two other men who have entered into the WWE with unique styles and stories are Logan Paul and Bad Bunny.  Both men came from the world outside of wrestling, YouTube and music respectfully.  

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GUNTHER talked about his feelings towards celebrities entering into wrestling and how his feelings have changed.

“In general, with celebrities coming into our business and doing their thing, for a while, when I saw something like that, it was a little bit like ‘is that necessary?’ Because in a lot of cases, it was just somebody coming in, they were getting paid or trying to make the most out of it for them and then leave again,” GUNTHER said.

“I think with the celebrities we had recently like Logan Paul, Bad Bunny, I think is a very good example as well. Those are guys that are obviously passionate about what we do. They enjoy it, they love it. They have a high interest of contributing to it and not just going there and taking something out.”

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These Celebrities Aren’t Half Bad

WWE Logan Paul Roman Reigns
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Bad Bunny and Paul have changed the minds of a lot of fans since getting involved in WWE.  They both have put on good, if not great, matches.  If a wrestling fan didn’t know any better they may think they have been wrestling for years.  This is a huge compliment to them and their desire to perform well and also on WWE for preparing them well.  

Paul is the current United States champion.  This means he is the contemporary of GUNTHER, but on SmackDown.  So we could have a GUNTHER vs. Paul match, champion vs. champion, in the near future.  What a brutal match that would be for Paul.

Do you think that styles make GUNTHER’s matches so good?  Or is he just so good that he has good matches with almost anyone?  What style of wrestler do you think he has his best matches with?  Is there a new style of wrestler you would like to see him wrestle?  Has Bad Bunny and Paul changed your mind on celebrities joining WWE?  Let us know if you would like to see GUNTHER vs. Paul. Follow us on social media for more content like this.

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