WARRIOR Has a Fighting Chance for Season 4 After Idiotic Cancelation at Max

The critically acclaimed series Warrior finds new hope on Netflix after its cancellation on Max, raising expectations among fans for a potential revival, given Netflix's history of renewing canceled shows.

The acclaimed series Warrior, has been idiotically canceled after three seasons on Max, but has found a new beacon of hope as Netflix acquires non-exclusive rights to stream the show. This move has sparked optimism among fans, given Netflix’s track record of reviving canceled series and the overall wider audience the service reaches.

The End and a New Beginning?


Created by Jonathan Tropper and based on original concepts by the legendary Bruce Lee, Warrior has been praised for its compelling storytelling, intense action sequences, and its thoughtful exploration of relevant themes such as immigration and cultural conflict. The show’s move to Netflix ensures that these powerful narratives and the legacy of Bruce Lee’s vision will reach an even wider audience.

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Warrior is a gritty and action-packed series set during the Tong Wars of San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late 1800s, has been a critical darling since its inception. However, despite its popularity and critical acclaim, the show was recently canceled by Max after its third season. This decision was met with disappointment from its dedicated fan base and the show’s creative team.

Why Fans Should Be Hopeful

Netflix’s acquisition of Warrior is seen as a significant development, especially considering the streaming giant’s history of breathing new life into canceled shows. Netflix has successfully revived several series in the past, such as Lucifer, Designated Survivor, and Arrested Development, giving them new seasons and a chance to continue their stories.

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The move to Netflix opens up the critically acclaimed series to a broader audience, potentially increasing its fan base and making a case for the continuation of the series. Fans are hopeful that the show’s new home on Netflix could lead to a renewal, much like other series that have found success after being picked up by the streaming service.

The Legacy of Warrior

While the cancellation of Warrior on Max was a significant blow to its fans and creators, its acquisition by Netflix offers a glimmer of hope. Given Netflix’s history with canceled series, there’s a possibility that the series could continue its journey, much to the delight of its growing fan base.

Be sure to let Netflix know you want more seasons with the hashtag #SaveWARRIOR, and be sure to watch the series over and over when it hits Netflix in February 2024.

About Warrior

Warrior Season 3

Release date: Currently streaming on MAX, coming to Netflix in 2024.
Creator: Jonathan Tropper
Showrunners: Evan Endicott & Josh Stoddard
Executive Producers: Evan Endicott, Josh Stoddard, Jonathan Tropper, Justin Lin, Danielle Woodrow, Andrew Schneider, Shannon Lee, Brad Kane, Richard Sharkey
Co-Executive Producers: Lillian Yu, Francisca X Hu
Production: Perfect Storm Entertainment, Tropper Ink Productions, Bruce Lee Entertainment
Cast: Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng,  Jason Tobin, Dianne Doan, Kieran Bew, Dean Jagger, Tom Weston-Jones, Hoon Lee, Perry Yung, Langley Kirkwood, Miranda Raison, Chen Tang, Chelsea Muirhead, Mark Dacascos, Joe Taslim

In the wake of the race riots that upended Chinatown in season two, Mai Ling uses her government connections to consolidate power, while Ah Sahm and the Hop Wei must find new ways to survive.

Do you think Netflix will give Warrior a new lease on life with additional seasons? How has the platform’s strategy of reviving canceled shows influenced your viewing habits? And what makes Warrior a standout series that deserves more episodes? Let us know your thoughts and join our discussion on Discord!

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