Brooks Jensen Thinks the Polarizing Jim Cornette Deserves a WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Young WWE NXT Superstar Brooks Jensen thinks the controversial and polarizing Jim Cornette should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. 
WWE Jim Cornette

Young WWE NXT Superstar Brooks Jensen thinks the controversial and polarizing Jim Cornette should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.  The rising NXT talent recently spoke about the contributions of the legendary wrestling manager and personality, Jim Cornette, on a recent episode of The Scoop Slammed Podcast.

During his podcast appearance, Brooks Jensen discussed how Jim Cornette helped his dad, former WWE Superstar Bull Buchanan. He also discussed how he wishes he could get some advice from Cornette, saying this about the former wrestling manager:

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“I do believe he is one of the best minds in wrestling. I don’t have a personal relationship with him. My father does. Jim is one who got my father signed to the WWE. He gave my dad his big break in Smokey Mountain … Cornette really helped my dad out and my family out. 

“There’s more to it, hopefully, I have a personal relationship with Jim Cornette. I’d love to talk to him, I’d love to have his critiques of my matches, I’d love for him to critique my promos. I wish they would put him in the Hall of Fame with Midnight Express.”

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WWE Jim Cornette
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The Early Years of Jim Cornette

Cornette started his career in wrestling at 14 years old.  He first started as a photographer and magazine correspondent among many other things.  Eventually, after being a constant presence in the Continental Wrestling Association he was offered an on-screen manager role.  He began managing the legendary Sherri Martell.

Cornette eventually became the manager of the legendary tag team The Midnight Express.  This is also probably the association he is most known for.  His career took him from one legendary territory to another.  Some of those big-name territories include Mid-South, World Class Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling, and of course WWF. Cornette also had a big role in developing huge names like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Batista while he was the head booker in WWE’s old developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.

WCW Jim Cornette
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Cornette has had a legendary career.  However, Brooks thinks the number one reason he should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is because of his work with the Midnight Express in the ‘80s.  Brooks had an opportunity to get some invaluable advice from one of the Midnight Express members, Bobby Eaton.  He had this to say about the Midnight Express:

“Dennis (Condrey), Bobby (Eaton), and Stan (Lane), you can’t get better than that. Bobby Eaton, I got to, it was a couple weeks before he sadly passed away, but he would help out in this promotion in Alabama and he saw me work and he talked to me for a couple of hours. He heard I got signed and he talked to me for a couple hours about when you’re on the road here’s what you do, when you’re working this match here’s what you can do differently. Just giving me advice” 

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Jensen again talked about his belief that Cornette is one of the greatest wrestling minds ever.  He thinks this is even more amazing when considering that he was never a wrestler, but he was there at ringside during some huge matches.  He got heat during the match and did his part to make sure the matches were as good as they became.  During those big matches, he was as big of a part as the wrestlers in the ring.

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Cornette was part of the golden age of wrestling and into the Attitude Era.  He is very highly regarded by wrestlers and fans alike.  However, wrestling has changed and evolved and will always continue to do so.  This is where the polarizing figure comes into play.

The Cult of Cornette

Cornette is not a fan of modern wrestling and some of modern wrestling’s biggest stars.  These big names include Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Kevin Owens. Most of his brutal takes on modern wrestling have led many fans to feel like he is out of touch.  However, others think he is right on the money, worshipping Cornette and his point of view.

WWE Jim Cornette
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Despite his current take on wrestling it is undeniable that Cornette has left a large mark on pro wrestling. It remains to be seen if 2024 will be the year for both Cornette and the Midnight Express to enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

Do you think Jim Cornette should be in the WWE Hall of Fame?  What about the Midnight Express?  Do you think he has one of the best minds in wrestling?  Is that statement still true for his take on modern wrestling?  Who do you think has a better mind for wrestling, Paul Heyman or Cornette?  Let us know on social media who you think should induct Cornette if he does get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

SOURCE: The Scoop Slammed Podcast, Wrestling Inc.

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