CRAVE #2 – Maria Llovet’s Sensational & Thrilling Comic Hits Shelves Jan 10

Get ready for the tantalizing Crave #2 with a recap of the first issue.
Image Comics, Crave, Maria Llovet, Alexandra, Crave #2

Crave is a bold new comic about sex, secrets, and social media. Writer/artist Maria Llovet is spinning an intoxicating web of lust and deceit in this story, and the second issue comes out soon.

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Crave #2 will be available digitally and at your local comic book store on Jan. 10, 2024. If the sophomore installment of this 6-issue miniseries is as gripping as the first, the new comic miniseries will have readers begging for more. For those who may have missed the first issue, here is a brief recap. Consider this your official spoiler warning for Crave #1.

CRAVE #1 – ” Tell us what you Crave – We’ll make it happen ”

Image Comics, Crave, Maria Llovet, Alexandra, Crave #1
Credit: Maria Llovet & Image Comics

College – A place where young adults gather to grow, learn, and mature together. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be. But when Crave, a seriously-juiced version of Tinder takes one campus by storm, everyone’s attention turns from education to fornication. The lives of friends and fellow students Albert and David are turned upside down when an explosion of romance and drama consumes their university.

Breakups are happening left and right, while students get with professors as love is made throughout the school. The sudden increase in physical attraction and intimacy is a direct result of promptings sent out by the app. David leaves his girlfriend Charlotte, as he is clearly interested in the mysterious “Alexandra”. Albert has a crush on Sofia, and Crave instructs Albert to head into an elevator where he ends up trapped with his love interest.

CRAVE #2 – David & Alexandra Finally Come Face To Face

Image Comics, Crave, Maria Llovet, Alexandra, Crave #2
Credit: Maria Llovet & Image Comics

Hidden-User has sent David a bunch of sexy photos of Alexandra, but who is this Hidden-User? And what will David do when confronted with Alexandra in the library? Meanwhile, Albert and Sofia are still trapped in the elevator, but things start to escalate in the campus corridors…

Will Albert and Sofia find a love connection in such a place? The Crave app seems very successful as a matchmaker thus far, so our money is on “yes”. David’s love life is more complicated. We don’t know why his relationship with Charlotte didn’t work, but we do know that David once had a date planned with Alexandra. She canceled, with seemingly no explanation.

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With an unknown individual sending David erotic images of Alexandra (like those seen on the cover art) via Crave, the situation is getting messier. If this is actually Alexandra, David’s dreams are soon coming true. But why hide her identity? If David is being cat-fished, the entire story shifts dramatically. Pick up Crave #2 on Jan. 10, 2024, if you want to witness the next chapter of this steamy mystery.


Image Comics, Crave, Maria Llovet, Alexandra, Crave #3

Type: Miniseries (6 Issues)
Release Date (1st Issue): Nov. 29, 2023
Release Date (Next Issue): Jan. 10, 2024
Artist: Maria Llovet
Cover Artist: Maria LLovet
Writer: Maria Llovet
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Synopsis: CRAVE, a mysterious app that promises to make your desires come true, spreads among the students of an elite university who use it as a hookup app. David, a top student, engages in a game of seduction with the unattainable Alexandra. But as requests to the app escalate and wreak havoc on campus, David and his friends’ only chance to stop this spiral is to find out what really lies behind Crave.

Where will the lies, loves and lives of Crave by Maria Llovet go next? Let us know your thoughts on social media and thanks for reading! We are always watching.

SOURCE: Image Comics

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