Jason Momoa Goes ON THE ROAM in His New Max Docuseries

Join Jason Momoa On the Roam in Max's upcoming Documentary series.
Jason Momoa on motorcycle

Buckle up because Jason Momoa is hitting the road, and we’re all coming with him!

Following the success of his rock-climbing competition series, The Climb, Momoa is re-teaming with Max to bring an entirely new reality TV show to the popular streaming service with his documentary series On the Roam.

Jason Momoa and On the Roam hits the road

Jason Momoa hand on motorcycle handle

What’s better than following Momoa across the United States, watching him discover hidden craftsmen and find inspiration? Doing that from the comfort of your living room. 

On the Roam is Momoa’s upcoming docu-series, shining a light on those who most deserve it but never get the recognition – craftsmen, motorcycle fabricators, musicians. The list goes on, and the actor – whose work includes Game of Thrones, Aquaman, and Dune – wants to take a step back from the blockbuster franchises to showcase those who are masters of their own passion, experiencing the world from their point of view. He dubs himself a roamer, which not only lends itself to the series’ name but also has him constantly moving from place to place, meeting and learning from people who share similar passions in motorcycles, photography, and many more crafts.

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The upcoming Max series is a personal project for Momoa, who created it and served as co-director and co-executive producer. The eight-part series celebrates the individuals Momoa has met, including blacksmiths, guitarists, and photographers, bringing their ideas and experiences to Max for everyone to see. 

Check out the trailer below.

On the Roam is an endless quest for me to discover extraordinary people and places. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery on this journey.”

Momoa, On the Roam

Everyone knows Momoa is a big motorcycle and rock-climbing guy, but his other passions in art and music may not be as well known. The series takes us along for the feel-good ride as he goes cross country, discovering the most unique individuals and their crafts. And who knows? Maybe we find a new avenue for inspiration or develop new passions along the way. We’re here for the ride, and really, what more could we ask for?

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On the Roam’s two-episode premiere hits Max on Thursday, January 19, with two episodes hitting the streaming service weekly. And if you can’t wait, you can get a taste of the On the Roam experience on Momoa’s YouTube channel, where this journey began.

About On the Roam

On the Roam poster

Created By: Momoa

Directors: Momoa and Brian Mendoza

Executive Producers: Momoa, Brian Mendoza, and Kyle Wheeler

Co-Executive Producer: Paris Herbert-Taylor

Producer: Jason Mendoza

Synopsis: ON THE ROAM is an eight-part cinematic docu-series following Jason Momoa as he travels the country chasing art, adventure, and friendship through the lens of craftsmanship.

Are you excited about On the Roam? Where would you like to see Momoa go? What other actors would you like to see create a personal docu-series? Let us know on social media, and keep following The Illuminerdi for more content like this. We’re always watching.

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