MOMOCON 2024 – Meet The Amazing Voices Of Wolverine, Ariel, Black Cat & Jasmine

The Illuminerdi shines a spotlight on four of the most exciting guests coming to Momocon!
Momocon, Ariel, Jasmine, Wolverine, Black Cat

MomoCon is one of the most incredible conventions in the southeast, bringing together thousands of geeks and storytellers for one amazing weekend every year. The guest list for 2024 includes voice actors for legendary characters like Wolverine, Ariel, Black Cat & Princess Jasmine.

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Momocon is held annually at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The upcoming convention will take place from May 24-27, 2024. There will be gaming, cosplay, music, and much more. One of the most exciting parts of any great convention is the opportunity for fans to meet the actors behind their favorite characters. MomoCon 2024 will feature talent from throughout the entertainment industry, and four of the guests announced so far are particularly exciting.

MOMOCON – Meet Steven Blum & Jodi Benson

Wolverine, X-Men, Ariel, Little Mermaid
Credit: Disney

What do Wolverine and Ariel have in common? Not much, other than the fact that you can meet the voices behind those characters at Momocon later this year! Jodi Benson is a voice actor most well-known for her performance of Ariel in The Little Mermaid film franchise. She also voiced Ariel in the TV series version of The Little Mermaid. On top of that, Benson played Barbie in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, so be sure to greet her with a “Hi Barbie!” when you see her at Momocon.

Wolverine may be most associated with Hugh Jackman when it comes to actors, but he is far from the only thespian to bring Logan to life. Wolverine has a long history in animated entertainment, including roles in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Wolverine & The X-Men. Steve Blum voiced Wolverine in those shows and in other projects like Hulk & The Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Ultimate Spider-Man, and The Super Hero Squad Show. He has also brought life to characters such as Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, Ares from God Of War, and Zeb from Star Wars: Rebels.

MOMOCON – Meet Erica Lindbeck and Linda Larkin

Aladdin, Spider-Man, Princess Jasmine, Jasmine, Black Cat, Felicia Hardy
Credit: Disney & Insomniac Games

Jodi Benson isn’t the only Barbie appearing at Momocon. Erica Lindbeck is another voice actor appearing at the convention who voiced Barbie in the TV show Barbie: Dreamtopia and several animated Barbie films. Marvel fans will recognize Lindbeck as the voice of Black Cat/Felicia Hardy in Insomniac’s Spider-Man video game franchise. Lindbeck is also credited in many English dubs of popular anime franchises, having worked on projects like Neon Genesis Evangelion, My Hero Academia, and Mob Psycho 100.

Linda Larkin, the voice of Princess Jasmine, will join these amazing voice actors at Momocon 2024. Larkin has played the Disney princess of the Aladdin franchise in most of her appearances. That includes performances in the original animated classic, the TV series of the same name, the sequel Return of Jafar, and the threequel Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Like Jodi Benson, Linda Larkin has officially been named a Disney Legend for her contributions to the entertainment corporation.

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Dozens more guests are appearing at MomoCon 2024, with more to be announced and highlighted throughout the year. Dana Terrace, the creator and showrunner of The Owl House, And Zeno Robinson, the voice of Cyborg on Young Justice are two incredible talents who will also appear at the event.

The full list of special guests can be found here. Registration for Momocon 2024 can be found here.

About Momocon

Credit: Momocon

When: May 24-27, 2024

Where: Georgia World Congress Center

What: A convention that celebrates gaming, anime, comic books, and many more fandoms

Pricing: $85 For a 4-day pass, not including tax and fees. Additional information can be found on the Momocon registration page.

About: MomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors’ hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows, games, and comics and much much more over this 4-day event.

Which of these actors are you most excited to meet at Momocon? Let us know your thoughts on social media, and thanks for reading. We are always watching.

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