MEET ME IN ROME Releases a Delightfully Romantic New Trailer

First, we saw Paris, and now we are heading to Rome in this refreshing take on reality romance meets Hollywood. Meet Me in Rome is a new show that merges reality TV with rom-coms. The Roku Channel released the new trailer for the refreshing new comedy.
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First, we saw Paris, and now we are heading to Rome in this refreshing take on reality romance meets Hollywood. Meet Me in Rome is a new show that merges reality TV with rom-coms. The Roku Channel released the new trailer for the refreshing new comedy.

This is the follow-up to Roku’s Meet Me in Paris which was released in 2023. This concept fits so well together, including the locations, that it’s shocking more people aren’t talking about it. Releasing on Feb. 9, Meet Me in Rome turns three women into leading ladies.

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One of the best parts of this concept is we don’t have to wonder if the show is scripted or not. While the show is unscripted, scripts are delivered daily to guide our heroines to their handsome suitors, magical locations, and dreamy dates. What’s more magical than the City of Love? You can check out the film’s newly revealed trailer below:


There is no secret that trashy reality TV is a guilty pleasure to many viewers. This is why shows like The Bachelor, Blind Love, F boy Island, and many many more, do so well. However, while they thrive on the entertainment side, they fall short on the romance side. That’s why Meet Me in Rome feels so refreshing.

In this film, they remove the competitiveness and the pressure to find love. The whole premise is what one might consider the building blocks of any good romance story. For example, in the trailer, we literally see them imitating a scene from Lady and the Tramp. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that viewers might be getting a variety of meet-cutes, maybe even plan on some of the best romance scenes Hollywood has to offer.

On top of all the things we love to see in a romance unfolding, it’s great to see them focus on the biggest issue romance faces. Ourselves! Who needs the added drama of ten people fighting it out, when we can be our own worst enemies? This adds a level of realness that seems to be lacking from reality TV as a whole. In the trailer, we don’t really see this dynamic, but the description of the original film makes it feel as if that’s the big drama factor.


Three ladies are heading to Rome to find love. In the trailer, we get a little glimpse of who these ladies might be through a quick description of what they are looking for. As well as get an idea of their personalities through snippets of dates and their interactions with each other.

Leading Ladies in Order: Lauren Simmons, Christa Belle, and Dhruva Patel
The Leading Ladies: Lauren Simmons, Christa Belle, and Dhruva Patel. Image via Roku.

For example, Christa Belle Allen, or “Christa Belle” as the trailer states, is “looking for a partner willing to fan her flames instead of snuffing them out.” Actress turned social media influencer, she is best known for her roles as Jennifer Garner’s younger counterpart in 13 Going on 30, as well as her character, Charlotte Grayson in Revenge.

We also meet Dhruva Patel, who “is ready to choose love on her own terms no matter what her traditional family may think.” This goes back to the idea that the drama these women face, won’t be fabricated for ratings and drama, but real issues we all face in day-to-day romance. She is also the only one we see in the trailer as hitting a breaking point, which in the end really draws us in wanting to know more.

Meet Me In Rome
Image via The Roku Channel

Lastly, we get introduced to Lauren Simmons, who “has conquered the finance world and is now ready to conquer her love life.” Conquering is the key phrase here because Simmons is a beast, known as the “Wolfette of Wall Street.”


There are so many reasons to check out Meet Me in Rome, especially if you are a romantic who is looking for something new. But one of the reasons Meet Me In Paris did so well, and why we are back for Meet Me in Rome is due to the minds behind the show. Produced by the leading lady herself, Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine production company, and Zoe Saldaña’s Cinestar Pictures, these two are perfectly suited to help others fall in love, “like in the movies.”

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Premiering February 9 on the Roku Channel, Meet Me in Rome is a great way to kick off the romance binge fest leading into Valentine’s Day.

About Meet Me in Rome

Meet Me in Rome Key Art

Release Date: February 9, 2023
Directed By: N/A
Executive Producers: Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Saldaña, Sara Rea, Sue Kinkead, Cisely Saldaña, Mariel Saldaña, and Angela Rae Berg
Producers: Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Saldaña
Production: Hello Sunshine; Cinestar Pictures
Distribution: The Roku Channel
Composer: Jerskin Fendrix
Cast: Lauren Simmons, Dhruva Patel, Christa Belle Allenl

Synopsis: Ready to risk it all for love, three women travel to Rome to become leading ladies in their very own reality rom-com. Daily script deliveries guide them to handsome suitors and magical destinations, where swoon-worthy dates and steamy romance await. But when challenged to push their fears aside, will our leading ladies find the love they are looking for, or will they leave as single as they come?

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SOURCE: The Roku Channel

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