TRANSFORMERS 40th Anniversary HASLAB Revealed: Roll Out with The Incredible Robots in Disguise

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ROLL OUT! Hasbro has announced their newest addition to the Transformers: Legacy toy line with their new crowd-funded Transformers figure(s) OPTIMUS PRIME, ULTRA MAGNUS, and AUTOBOT BLUEBOLTS! Fans of the 2001 anime Transformers: Robots in Disguise have waited 23 years for new figures based on these two iconic Transformers characters and, finally, they have the chance to own this piece of Transformers history!

What is Haslab?

Curious to know what “Haslab” is? I’m sure you are. Since 2018, Hasbro and Takara Tomy have collaborated to create crowdfunded toys from across Hasbro’s various toylines, including Transformers, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and more! Each year, fans of Hasbro’s figures have been allowed to help fund the creation of figures that are too expensive to create for retail releases.

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These figures typically feature articulation and details that can’t normally be justified on a retail release, including intensive paint jobs, added articulated joints for better possibility, or just the sheer size of the figures. For example, the first Hasbro product to get a Haslab was the Transformers’ ultimate enemy, the Chaos Bringer Unicron! For the last two years, Transformers fans have been specially treated to the leaders of the Autobots and Decepticons from the Japanese series Transformers: Victory. And now, you have the chance to own three figures that make Transformers history!

The Transformers heroic Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots. One of Transformers’ most iconic characters, Optimus was reinvented in Transformers: Robots in Disguise into a Japanese fire truck. Large and in charge, Optimus used his vehicle mode and robot mode to successfully save the world many times throughout the series, even working together with his power-hungry brother, ULTRA MAGNUS, to stop Gigatron from destroying the planet!

This OPTIMUS PRIME figure stands 8.5 inches tall (22 cm) in robot mode and converts from robot to iconic firetruck cab mode. The figure also comes with a blaster accessory and 2 Matrix of Leadership accessories with storage for both.

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The back half of the firetruck doubles as a 15-inch (38 cm) command center and features an articulated ladder with 4 rotating missiles inside the ladder. The missiles include 5mm ports for blast effects. Blast effects also fit in the top of the ladder (blast effects sold separately, subject to availability). The ladder is also compatible with Titan Masters from the Prime Wars trilogy!

But, for more firepower, you can armor up the Optimus Prime figure with the Command Centerpieces to unlock his Super Mode! The Super Mode features Vac-metal eyes and antennas hot foil stamped Autobot emblem as well as all the features included on the core figure!

The Transformers Legendary Warrior, Ultra Magnus and Bluebolts!

ULTRA MAGNUS, the brother of Optimus Prime, always felt jealous of Optimus’ importance. Throughout the war on Cybertron, Ultra Magnus’s feats were unmatched, though his feats were always overshadowed thanks to the heroic efforts of Optimus Prime. Now, alongside his Battle Master partner, Bluebolts, Ultra Magnus seeks the power of the Matrix of Leadership to win the war and usurp the power of the Autobots!

The ULTRA MAGNUS figure stands 11.5 inches tall (29 cm) in robot mode and features enhanced ankle articulation for dynamic poses. The figure also converts from robot to car carrier trailer vehicle with dual-level vehicle storage. Can store 3 Deluxe Class figures as cars in vehicle mode (each sold separately, subject to availability). Other details include theĀ Vac-metal eyes and front grill in vehicle mode and a Hot foil stamped Autobot emblem visible in vehicle mode.

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The Autobot BLUEBOLTS figure stands at 5.75 inches tall (15 cm) in robot mode (comparable in size to an average Deluxe Class Transformer Figure, each sold separately, subject to availability) and converts from robot mode into 6 weapon accessories as the latest Legacy Weaponizer! Bluebolts can break down and fit inside the Ultra Magnus figure, filling in some hollow spaces that were required to necessitate the combined mode!

Omega Prime Combine!

Tricking his brother into working together during a Predacon attack, Ultra Magnus usurped the power of the Matrix of Leadership and forced Optimus Prime to combine into the ultimate Autobot Warrior, OMEGA PRIME! Powerful enough to stop Gigatron in his tracks, Omega Prime seeks to save the world by working together and putting the past behind them as the looming threat of a colossal titan lurks in the future.

The OMEGA PRIME figure stands at 13.75 inches tall (35 cm) in combined mode, with both Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus figures combined into Omega Prime. Just like Optimus and Magnus before him, Omega Prime features Vac-metal eyes and antennas and enhanced waist articulation for dynamic poses. And don’t forget aboutĀ Autobot Bluebolts! Bluebolts can be attached as a shoulder-mounted weapons system to give Omega Prime extra firepower!

Tier Unlocks


When even the power of the Matrix of Leadership is unable to stop the threat that is a Predacon-controlled Fortress Maximus, Omega Prime needs something more powerful. At 13,000 Backers, Omega Prime becomes enabled to harness the power of the Matrix of Leadership into the colossal MATRIX BLADE! The Blade is nearly twice the height of Omega Prime and is compatible with the Titans Return Fortress Maximus, which is conveniently being rereleased this year!


Connecting every continent and lying just under the surface of the Earth is the gargantuan road system of the Global Space Bridge! Recreated as a stand for Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, and the combined Omega Prime, this stand can hold up the weight of both figures! And, just like the figures, it combines into a single road to display both Optimus and Ultra Magnus in their vehicle modes!

TRANSFORMERS: LEGACY Robots In Disguise 2001 Universe OMEGA PRIME is available to back using the link below! Each set includes all three figures for the price of $249.99 (charged on March 15th, 2024) with the additional Matrix Blade and Global Space Bridge Stand accessories unlocked at 13,000 backers and 16,000 backers! Act fast, because once the March 15th date passes, you won’t be able to back the figure anymore.

Haslab Figures are normally released after about a year, and each backer gets exclusive updates emailed regularly throughout the year to provide updates on the production as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes images and videos. The wait may be long, but it’s always worth it to own a piece of Transformers history! Back today on Hasbro Pulse

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