Milly Alcock To Play SUPERGIRL in the DCU

Milly Alcock will play Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, in James Gunn's DCU. The character will first appear in Superman: Legacy
Milly Alcock Supergirl DC

Supergirl is here! After a weeks-long casting process, James Gunn and Peter Safran have found their Woman of Tomorrow. House of the Dragon star Milly Alcock will play the Woman of Steel in their nascent cinematic universe, TheWrap reported.

Alcock’s name had emerged in recent weeks as one of three top candidates. The shortlist also included CODA star Emilia Jones and Zombies‘ Meg Donnelly, who voiced the character in various DC animated projects.

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Another story by The Hollywood Reporter a few days before the announcement ruled Emilia Jones out of the screen test rounds, but didn’t specify if she didn’t cut or simply removed herself from the race. They also added another name that was once in consideration: Priscilla‘s Cailee Spaeny.

When Will We See Milly Alcock Suit Up as Supergirl?

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

There’s also the fact that Legacy is currently in pre-production, and it’s way too early to be casting the solo Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. For one, they don’t even have a script yet (playwright Ana Nogueira signed her deal recently to write it.) There are also other projects like The Authority or The Brave and the Bold that are supposed to come earlier and which haven’t started casting.

There are plenty of indications that we’ll see Milly Alcock as Supergirl sooner rather than later. Media reports have indicated that she might be a part of the story of Superman: Legacy, although the extent of her role is likely to be small. The casting process was a lot more thorough than it would have been for any other role of this size because of her importance to the DCU later.

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No, all indications seem to be that this is part of the pre-production process of Superman: Legacy, which is due to start shooting in Atlanta this spring. Supergirl’s alter ego, Kara Zor-El, is Clark Kent’s cousin in the comics, so it makes sense that their relationship in the DCU is built up from the very start, especially as James Gunn has already said that Superman is aware of other heroes in his world by the time he starts stopping crime.

Who Is Milly Alcock?

Milly Alcock GOT spin-off

Audiences might recognize the young actress from her role in the HBO Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon. She starred in the first five episodes of season 1 as the lead, Rhaenyra Targaryen, before the story jumped forward a few years in time and Emma D’Arcy took over the role.

Her portrayal of the heir to the Iron Throne in those five episodes was so well received that there were conversations at the network about bringing back the young cast for season 2, even though the main storyline was planned to move forward with the adult versions of the characters.

She was also a part of the Australian series Upright, which is available on AMC in the US and Sky in the UK.

No release date has been set for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Superman: Legacy is supposed to come out on July 11, 2025. What do you think of Milly Alcock’s casting? Which character are you most looking forward to seeing in Superman: Legacy? What is your most anticipated DCU project? Let us know via Twitter and on our Discord server!

Source: TheWrap